Home and Garden

What man doesn’t like to spend less money by using The Home Depot coupons? Honestly, women, don’t you get a little misty-eyed in that garden department when you have Eden at your fingertips and a pocketful of coupons to make your planting theme burst to life? From saving money on rose bushes, to purchasing that new Snapper lawnmower, big money-saving coupons are all the rage. Look for coupons for IKEA, Bedding Style, BrylaneHome, Canvas on Demand, Domestications, Gardeners Supply, Improvements, LBCLighting.com, Restoration Hardware, along with Stacks and Stacks.

Lowes (coupons) has stocked its shelves with new fertilizers and Ace Hardware is the place for another spool of weed-eater chord. Every store imaginable is mailing out home and garden coupons every week for the wise shopper who knows when to break out the scissors. Don’t hesitate. Men, don’t laugh and leave it to your wife to know what you want. Sit down together on Sunday, get online and find those internet coupons that can save more if you visit their website. Everyone is online these days. Internet coupons are no waste of time.

Wal-Mart has a burgeoning home and garden department that has patio furniture, yard and outdoor décor, and bags of mulch waiting to be bought up for pennies on the dollar. There is no need to spend hard-earned cash on items that will be much cheaper with a coupon nipped from you local, or area, newspaper. Smith & Hawken have more for your dollar than you may realize. There is no need to leave the house with what internet coupons can provide. At times internet coupons can come with more perks than those you walk in with off the street. You save gas, time, and have your shovels, spades, and trowels delivered right to your door.

Garden Ridge is running coupons online for home and garden needs every week. Take time to look over your coupons, reach out to stores that may not be as well known, pick through your local paper for the “mom and pop’s” independent stores that mail out coupons as well. Be sure that your coupons don’t expire before you can use them. If it’s a “buy-1-get-one-free” coupon, be sure you find out if that is only on a particular style or brand name. Don’t wait. Like the seasons, time waits for no one…and neither do the savings with home and garden coupons cut from your newspaper, a magazine, store advertisement, or Internet coupons.