8 Tips for Hosting a Budget-Friendly 4th of July

If you’re gearing up for summer then you’re probably already thinking about how you’re going to spend the 4th of July. Everyone wants a bash to remember, but blowing your budget on a party is not a great way to start the season. Check out this list to cash in on some awesome, budget-friendly ways to have an incredible time this 4th of July.


  1.    Use public transport to attend free events in your city


Chances are your city or town has some incredible, free events planned to celebrate Independence day. Whether it’s a parade, a fair or a display of bright and exciting fireworks, you can easily get festive with your friends and family by checking out everything your city has to offer. One downside of this is usually parking, so check out the public transportation schedules and save yourself the cost and the hassle of finding parking spaces.


  1.    If you’re heading out of town, book in advance


If you love to spend the fourth out of town or are looking for a vacation this year, make sure to book your travel and accommodations in advance. Even just a few weeks out can make a big difference, as leaving bookings until the last minute will almost guarantee you’ll be spending way above your budget, if you can even find accommodations at all!


  1.    Host a potluck


Gather your friends and family together for a great party and make it a potluck! This is a fun way to share everyone’s favorite dishes and share a bit of the cost as well. Since you’re hosting, friends won’t mind bringing a dish, especially when it’s one they know they love. Do a little organization so you know you’ve got all your basics covered and you won’t end up with 8 salads!


  1.     Have friends BYO favorite American drinks

Maybe you don’t want to go the potluck route, but you can still cut down on party costs by having friends BYO drinks. Put a fun twist on it and have them bring their favorite American beverage, whether it’s Coca Cola, a local craft beer, or an American aged whiskey, this is a perfect theme for your 4th party.


  1.    DIY your decor


4th of July parties are all about the red, white and blue, but you don’t have to blow your budget on fancy decorations to get the party started. If you’re having an outdoor party or barbecue you could decorate with red white or blue flowers in your garden. Balloons are an inexpensive option you can tie around some of the trees or your food table. You could even have your food double as decoration by getting creative and serving as many red, white and blue foods as you can think up. A little bit of the right colors goes a long way!


  1.    Pitch a tent


If you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city for the 4th of July, an affordable option is to go camping. This is a great way to spend some quality time together and get outdoors in the beautiful summer weather. For a festive 4th it’s even better to camp near a lake where you can often see several people setting off fireworks along the shorelines, it’s a show that never ends!


  1.     Play outside


When people remember a great party, it’s usually because of the entertainment. The easiest way to throw an affordable, highly entertaining Fourth of July party is to set up tournaments of outdoor games. Whether your guests are more into croquet, corn hole or football, organizing a fun tournament in the backyard will get everyone involved and having a great time. If you want, you can get a few prizes from the dollar store for your winners and you’ll definitely make a ton of memories.


  1. Scope out a spot for fireworks

Fireworks are the best part about the 4th of July, but it can be frustrating to try and find a good spot to watch them downtown or squished in with what seems like a million other people. Think about where all your friends and family live and if there would be a great yard or apartment to watch the fireworks from. This might even mean a park with a great hill that seems far from the action but actually has an incredible view. Plan your spot ahead of time, pack a blanket and some snacks and set up for an amazing show!

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