18 Homemade Cocktails Perfect for Summer

Whether you like your drinks old-fashioned or you’re more of a new-school mixologist, it can really break the bank if you’re always out on the town paying for cocktails. Bring the party to your place with a few of these homemade cocktail ideas. From hosting a party to just finding the perfect drink to pair with your meal, you can find a homemade cocktail to suit whatever occasion is happening at your home.



This Italian cocktail is just 3 simple ingredients and it’s perfect for long summer nights. Try the Ultimate Negroni recipe. 


Gin and Tonic

It’s hard to get more classic than a G&T. Make sure you’re preparing it properly at home with the Perfect Gin and Tonic recipe.



Shaken? Stirred? Dry? Olives or a twist of lemon? Whatever way you like your version of this classic, you can find a winner with these Martini Recipes.



Try this little twist on the classic Manhattan rye whiskey drink.



The fact that this classic only has three ingredients makes it an ideal home cocktail recipe when you want more than a simple highball. Follow these tips for How to Make a Sidecar.



Hosting a few friends that want a refreshing beverage? Impress your guests with the Best Gimlet Ever.


Old Fashioned

Get the recipe for this whiskey drink, and a history lesson, with Old Fashioned 101 and read up on the classic American cocktail. Note, read all the way to the bottom on this one to make sure you’re not adding anything that is definitely NOT an Old Fashioned.


Great Gatsby

If you or your guests are big fans of the Gatsby era, this easy, light vodka drink might be the perfect option for you to mix up at home. Grapefruit juice gives the Great Gatsby cocktail a refreshing bright taste your party will love.  


Moscow Mule

With a resurgence in popularity over the last few years (possibly due to the love of a good copper mug) the Moscow Mule is a great drink to know how to make at home. It’s only three ingredients so it’s perfect for your personal bar. Bonus points if you’ve got the copper mugs at home to complete the presentation.



If you’re hosting a brunch it will not be complete without mimosas. Toast your guests with a bright refreshing drink by learning How to Make the Best Mimosa.


Black Russian

If you’re after a sweeter, darker drink, try this easy, two-ingredient cocktail that’s sure to warm you up. The classic Black Russian is a great option for a homemade after dinner cocktail.


Seven and Seven

Even if it’s not your go-to drink you’ve probably heard someone order a seven and seven before. This popular whiskey highball is easy to create at home with the Seven and Seven Cocktail Recipe.


Pina Colada

If you love to bring a tropical theme into your house, why not try this Pina Colada recipe from Jamie Oliver. It’s the next best thing to a vacation in the sun.


Long Island Iced Tea

This drink may not seem like the best option for a homemade cocktail since it has so many ingredients, but if you’ve got all the necessary mixes on hand, you can please anyone with a good Long Island Iced Tea.


Singapore Sling

Show off your mixology skills and your sophisticated side when you pour this Singapore Sling for your home-bar patrons.



Channel your inner Hemingway and whip up a Classic Daiquiri, an easy and fresh drink that you can vary in several ways depending on your tastes.



Is your bar at home stocked with good tequila? Then this Classic Margarita recipe is perfect for you.



If you’re a fan of the Brazilian spirit cachaça, the Caipirinha could be the homemade cocktail you perfect to impress, and convert, all your former rum-loving friends.


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