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During the first half of this year 1.6 billion coupons have been redeemed and out of that number, 10 million are digital coupons collectively increasing their use in 2009 by nearly 25%. Coupons are the ultimate answer to saving money in a very tenuous economic market, and if any of us are to be successfully frugal, we need to have time, patience and a plan to be organized. It gets very tedious typing in various keywords into Google, Yahoo or Bing looking for the best daily deals, so streamlining our searches and at the same time reading helpful suggestions created the need for quality coupon blogs.

Coupon blogs help people make better decisions with their finances. We can derive the benefits of consumer opinions, and we can rely on updated information as well as suggestions to find some really good deals any of us might skip over. Let’s use as an example, we blog this week about Barnes & Noble having a 20% discount on mystery book purchases. If someone purchases one mystery paperback for regular price, the next mystery paperback would be half price. Why not buy a book for a present whether it be for your child’s next book report or a stocking stuffer for Christmas?

Coupon blogs puts consumers in contact with others who have purchased the same products or are considering making a purchase. Gaining experience from others is worth a lot of time and money. We can avoid some pitfalls , enjoy tips for saving money and even ask questions as to the merchant offerings. All of this is quite unique as compared to walking into perhaps a JCPenney store and searching for sizes, brands, and direct feedback from other shoppers in the store; I mean how often if ever does that happen? If you read the blogs about the coupons for JC Penney saving $10.00 to $15.00, it’s definitely a savings in your wallet, and easily found on a coupon blog; and probably a lot harder to spot while browsing through the mall.. There are many free gifts offered, free shipping offered and give aways exclusive to blog writing and consumer and member feedback. When was the last time a merchant at the mall offered to pay for your gasoline to and from the store?

I have found there is usually some good and innovative advice I had never thought about when I read coupon blogs. There are “ how to” articles which have enriched family fun. There can be price comparisons of family restaurants, reviews as to the most popular menu items, combination coupons and sound advice and personal experiences relating to merchants. Anything related to coupons both offline and online can be discussed with the primary purpose of helping all of us to realize the most rewards while spending the least amount of money and deriving the most pleasure for ourselves, our friends, our co-workers and our families. Most blogs change quite often, and it is an excellent opportunity to share new store alerts, unique products and even fashion trends we admire. So come visit us and sit a spell… read some interesting ideas and feel free to participate or send in what you would like to see discussed in the future.

–Cheryl Hanna

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