Z’s Picks

I like experimental shopping, testing the waters and doing a lot of surfing, looking and thinking before I buy, much to the annoyance of my frugal husband, Mo. My best coupons often come from the clothing, shoes and cosmetics categories. I’m frugal to the core, but don’t want to give up the quality of my favorite brands. I’ll get my brand name clothing cheap, one way or another, even from Goodwill, if I have to.

Our Story
Our appreciation for the power of coupons goes back to immediately after we were married. I was unemployed and new to the U.S. My husband was a struggling website designer. We struggled, living off cheap canned goods, crackers and fruit from supermarkets like Kroger and fast food from Subway thanks to regular local Subway coupons. When we went out to eat, it was often because we had found a good local restaurant coupon. It’s moving to think back at how the two newlyweds celebrated with joy to find that special coupon so we could have a weekend date to dine out. Read the rest of the story of the frugal couple…