Happy at the Checkout Line


Christmas stockings, Christmas poem, Are you finished Christmas shopping yet? Are you frantically looking for the best deals on gifts so you can stretch your shopping money farther? If so, then perhaps you will relate to the thoughts in Coupon Claim’s 2011 poem parody. Following the form of the classic song, Jolly ol’ St. Nicholas, Coupon Claim is happy to present this year’s offering, Happy at the Checkout Line. We hope you enjoy it!

Happy at the Checkout Line


Happy at the checkout line

Have you lost your mind?

Rushing here and going there

Searching for great finds.

Christmas day is coming soon

Now tell me, if you can,

What are the best ways to save?

What should I have in hand?


The first thing that you should do

Is checkout gifts online.

Not only can you find great deals

But you can save some time.

Check out sites like Coupon Claim

Where coupon codes abound,

From Toys – R- Us to Karmaloop

Great savings can be found.


Colin wants a Kinect Sports,

Leigh wants an iPhone 4,

Austin wants a DSi

With Starbox 64.

After all the shopping’s done

We will pass the test.

All the gifts got rave reviews

And the saving was the best!


If you enjoyed this and want to see another Christmas Poem, take a few minutes to read last year’s parody The Week Before Christmas.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, full happy memories, fun family gatherings and, of course, rich in savings!



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