21 Places to find Coupons

finding coupons, restaurant coupons, store coupons,Coupons=money, so if you want to have extra money then the use of coupons is a must. So to help you add more money to your pocket, here are some places where you can find money saving coupons on products you plan to purchase. If you know of places to find savings opportunities, printed coupons or coupon codes let us know. We would love to hear from you!


1. The back of product boxes or in the packaging of items you have purchased

2. The back of your grocery receipts often has coupons for local restaurants and businesses

3. In the phone book…many city phone books have coupons for area attractions and restaurants

4. In the Sunday paper. Other weekdays will also have coupons but the Sunday paper usually has the most.

5. At kiosks in the grocery store you frequent

6. Under product displays at the grocery store and pharmacy

7. At the gas station (don’t use them here , though as you will save more with them at other locations)

8. Online sites like Coupon Claim, Redplum, Couponmom and others

9. Social media sites like Facebook or Twitter

10. By signing up for notifications from your favorite vendors

11. By downloading the coupon tool bar—there are several to choose from; just download one and take advantage of the savings

12. Using sites like Restaurants.com

13. Watch for the monthly Value Pack of coupons that comes in the mail.

14. Some grocery stores have coupon exchange boxes at the front of the store. Swap out ones you won’t use for those you will.

15. Order coupons on E-bay. It is usually $1.50 for 20 coupons

16. Contact the companies and ask for coupons to be sent to you. Kelloggs, General Mills, Dove and many others will send them to you via e-mail or snail mail.

17. Magazines, especially the All You Magazine, will have $20+ in coupons in each issue.

18. Purchase an Attractions Book or an Entertainment Guide. You will easily recoup the cost of purchasing the book with just a few coupons.

19. At the doctors or dentist office-especially if they give goody bags with sample products.

20. Several apps send coupons directly to your phone. Some of these are Coupon Sherpa, Yowza, MobiQpons and Shooger.

21. Get local coupons at sites like http://www.thelittlecouponbook.com/. Some of the best coupons as well as the most regular and dependable ones come in this monthly publication.

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