Affordable Wedding Gift Ideas

Weddings are a wonderful time of celebration, but the budget concerns don’t only affect the bride and groom. On those years where it seems like you’re attending a wedding every weekend, or when the budget is a little tight, it can really add up paying for expensive weddings gifts off the registry. You want the couple to know you care about them, but sometimes you just can’t splurge for those big items. Here are some thoughtful, useful gifts you can opt for to make a big impact at a low cost with your wedding gift.

Send them on a date or experience you loved:

Take the time to think about one of your favorite dates or experiences that have always stood out to you. Whether it’s the best massage you’ve ever had, a vineyard tour where you loved every tasting, or your favorite restaurant, you can get great deals through sites like Groupon and send them on an experience you can attest to being amazing. They’ll love the consideration and think of you while they are relaxing or dining out on delicious fare.

Offer your services as their wedding gift:

Are you amazing at doing makeup? Great at taking candid photos? An organizational guru with a knack for event planning? A crafter who delights in the idea of making 60 centerpieces? Whatever your unique little talents or hobbies, you could probably find a way to offer your help in the wedding planning, preparation, or execution. You could even bake their wedding cake if that’s your thing!

Gifts that keep on giving:

Whatever the bride and groom are interested in, there is probably a subscription box that suits them. Whether it’s beer, meat, books, coffee, snacks, fitness, movies, there’s countless options for low price points that allow you to give them a gift that keeps on giving long after their big day. You can simply pay for the first year or few months of their subscription and then have it transferred to them if it turns out they love it and want to continue!

Think Outside the Registry Box:

If the more affordable items on their registry have already been snapped up, or you just don’t see anything you feel like is the right gift from you, you can do a little extra thinking about what they’ve registered for to create an inexpensive but useful gift. For example, if your friends registered for great new barware, you probably know they’re going to be entertaining. You can buy them a couple bottles of unique liqueurs or spirits that they might not have stocked to spice up their bar.
If you know they’re getting that marble cutting board with the paring knife, you could create a ready-made wine and cheese platter with several cheeses, a gourmet jam, a jar of olives, and a gift card to their local bakery for fresh bread.
If there’s a lot of baking or cooking items on their registry, get a nice cookbook and a few of the harder-to-find ingredients from some of the top recommended recipes. They can go ahead and get started using all their kitchen gadgets right away thanks to your forethought and they won’t have to fuss over finding finicky ingredients.

Team Up With Friends:

If you know several of the other guests attending the wedding, consider going in on a bigger gift together with them. This is a nice way for the bride and groom to get some of the bigger items on their registry without you and your friends all having to break the bank. Everybody can pitch in a reasonable amount and you’ll be able to afford a big ticket item for the couple on their big day. Add a fun card with all your photos or little messages from each person so everyone feels included and the bride and groom can see the awesome crew that gave them the incredible gift.

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