When I was growing up, my mom often used the expression “Work is a four letter word” (If you are a member of the baby-boomer generation, perhaps you remember Maynard from Dobie Gillis, having hysteric s at the mention of the word, “work”). However, now, there is another four letter word that everyone is interested in –SAVE.

As prices creep higher, saving money, using coupons, free samples and rebates are a great way to stretch your budget. For many of us, this coupon money means having a bit of “wiggle-room” in our budget…and who doesn’t like that? However, obtaining this coupon money does take work, time, and a plan (oops! More four letter words!), but it is worth it.

If you get the Sunday paper, you are already one step closer to coupon money, as this is one of the primary methods for finding printed coupons. Additional money saving coupons can be found on-line, in weekly store fliers, and a variety of magazines (i.e. Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Prevention, etc…).
Steps to Having Coupon Money:

  • Be a cut-up—as you browse the Sunday paper, have a pair of scissors handy to clip out any coupons on products you will actually use. If you cut out a coupon for oatmeal, but nobody in your family eats oatmeal, don’t spend the time cutting and filing the coupon.
  • Be organized-there are many options in organizing your coupons—4×6 card files with category dividers, envelopes labeled by food category or store, expandable file folders, shoe box files, etc…
  • Note the expiration on the coupons and use them before they expire—you may want to consider organizing within the category by oldest to newest.
  • Look for sales on items you already have coupons for as this will increase your coupon money.
  • Keep you coupons in sight when you are shopping.
  • It is helpful to have an empty envelope with you when you shop. As you put an item in your shopping cart, put the corresponding coupon in the envelope; not only will this ensure you don’t forget to use the coup, but will save time at check out.

Coupon money means more cash and these are two 4-letter words that make everybody happy. So, grab your scissors, on-line printable coupons, sales papers and coupon “box” and before you know it, your hard earned money will go farther than ever!

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