10 Ways to Get More When You Spend Less

Saving Money
Save money when you shop by using these tips.

To make the most of your shopping dollars, there are many things you can do in addition to using coupons and rebates. Most of these actions require minimal planning and can be accomplished easily by shoppers of every “ability.”  Here are 10 ways to get more by spending less:

  1.  Only buy meat that is on sale. Stock up on buy-one-get-one (BOGOs) and make the most of your freezer space. Before you know it, you will have a wide selection of meats to include in your menu planning. (Also, it should be noted that the fuller your freezer is, the better it cools which lowers your energy costs!)
  2. Shop later in the weekend (rather than Saturday morning). Look for meat that is marked with sale prices. I have frequently paid less than half price for tenderloin, lamb and rib eye, simply because I shopped after 8 on a Sunday night. Stores are trying to move extra meats from the case and will mark down items to make room for Monday’s delivery. You can also get bakery items cheaper at this time, as the stores are making room for the next day’s delivery. Breads can be kept fresher longer when you double-bag them and put them in the freezer.
  3. Make a list based on the BOGOs advertised in your sales papers then stock up on paper supplies, canned goods, cleaning products, etc. In addition, buy in bulk as much as possible-especially on items that won’t expire.
  4. If at all possible, go shopping by yourself. You will be amazed how much easier it is to save when you don’t have the others with you clamoring for items not on your list. Not to mention, shopping is less stressful when you are afforded the ability to think about your purchases and price compare in peace.
  5. Don’t be leery of the store brands! My husband and I have found that many store brands are made by the same name brand plants, but simply have the store label on them. For instance, Wal-mart’s Great Value chicken is actually packaged by Perdue Farms and Food Lion’s chicken is packaged by Tyson.
  6. Don’t hesitate to ask for a rain check!
  7. Get a membership to a warehouse club. This is especially nice if you are shopping for a large number or have plenty of storage space.  Also, if you are self-employed you can generally get a substantial discount (as much as 65%) on membership costs.
  8. Plan ahead. Determine what your meals/snack needs for the week is before you go shopping and then you will have more control of impulse buying. Of course, if you find an advertised special for something you will use, take advantage of it.
  9. Use sites such as Coupon Claim to find the best prices/coupons for products you normally use. And when shopping for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, etc., there’s no shame in saving money on the cost of the gift-use a coupon!
  10. As much as possible, don’t buy pre-packaged meals. Not only do they cost more, but are unhealthy as well.


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