Honoring Coupons

A local optometrist had placed an ad on the back of a neighborhood grocer’s receipts to drum up more business for himself. Unbeknownst to him the printer of the receipts had made a mistake and placed his $129 exam and contacts special as $1.29.

Most businesses would have made the mistake of not honoring the error for fear it would bankrupt them, but not him. He decided to bite the bullet when potential customers attempting to take advantage of this fantastic offer came to his office. For $1.29 he happily provided his patients with an eye exam and contact lenses.

This error had two effects on his business, the short term effect cost him nearly two thousand dollars in lost revenue, and the long term effect is he now have three times as many patients which more than make up for his short term loss. Moral of the story is, mistakes can be blessings in disguise and a wise business person honors their coupons (even with errors on them).

Regena English, the editor of The Leather Spinsters Newsletter for happily unmarried careerwomen, http://www.leatherspinsters.com. Get the perfect Christmas presents for single women http://leatherspinsters.com/catalog.html


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