Coupon Claim’s Favorite How to Guides and Resources

markers, pens, tips,Here at Coupon we take saving money on every day purchases seriously. We make it a point to look for the latest saving, coupons, freebies and resources for great deals so you can save money. In addition, we like to share recipes and tips for helping your paycheck go as far as possible. Of course, in order to present the tips and ideas, we spend a large amount of time researching. Along the way, we have found several resources that are especially helpful. So, if you have ever wondered where the ideas come from, we thought we would share some of our favorite How To Guides and web resources.

1. The Good Housekeeping Household Encyclopedia
2. Dining with the Dollar Diva by Elizabeth Fisher
3. Dave
4. Clark
5. The Simple
6. Heloise’s Helpful Hints
7. Coupon

Other places to find out about ways to save money on your purchases as well as ways to cut costs around the house include local newspapers and magazines .Of course, one of our favorite ways to get money saving tips is by talking to the people we know and from our readers. We love to hear from you-whether it is on Facebook, Twitter or right here on So, the next time you learn a new way to save money, we would love to hear about, Just drop us a line.


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