Pamper Yourself after Black Friday Shopping

After weeks of planning, you finally had your chance to snag all the items on your Black Friday holiday shopping list. You came, you shopped, and you conquered. But now that those bustling, adrenaline-fueled few hours have passed, you’re realizing that victory comes with a price—you’re tired, your feet are sore, and you could really use a fresh pedicure after getting your feet trampled on in the hubbub. Go ahead and treat yourself; you’ve earned it, and besides, after today there’s only more hustle to come as Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. Read on for some tips on how to save big on some well-deserved and much-needed post-Black Friday pampering.

Make use of coupons

If you’re not a diehard patron of one particular salon, it’s worthwhile to scope out some coupons using sites like Ebates or LivingSocial. Many new and burgeoning salons use sites like these to advertise deals and attract new prospective clients, so utilizing such coupons can be a great way to discover the next best spa in your area. If you’re looking for a bit more luxury, using a coupon at a higher-end establishment, you may be able to get more perks for nearly the same price as a full-price service at a standard salon.

Ask for a ¾ full polish

Choosing a bottle that is at least ¾ full, or requesting a brand new one, is a savvy way to ensure your mani/pedi style will last a reasonable amount of time without fading or chipping. Unlike wine or whiskey, nail polish doesn’t age well, and you don’t want to risk using paint that is too thick or, even worse, one that’s thinned out. While a half-full bottle may signify a popular color choice, it could also mean it’s been sitting on the shelf for a bit longer than is optimal.

Bring your own bottle

Another great way to ensure you’re getting a truly fresh coat of paint is to bring your own bottle. This will save you a few bucks on your initial visit and will also make it easy to add at-home touch-ups as needed, so you won’t need to go in again before it’s time.

Ask for a polish change

Sometimes, simple is best, especially if you’re looking to save some cash after a Black Friday splurge. A polish change won’t include the full massage, buffing, and cuticle-treatment of a regular manicure or pedicure, but you’ll still set out the door with a fabulous new set of nails and a few extra bucks in your pocket to boot.

Buy a spa package

Many salons offer discounts for combined services, so one other great way to save is to go all out and buy a package. Naturally, this option is more expensive than a single service, but it is almost always much cheaper than buying each individual service separately. This is an excellent option if you’re not a monthly salon-goer and are just going in for a treat, or if you typically go in for different services (like a massage, facial, and manicure) at different times.

A pampering session is an excellent way to unwind and relax after a long day of shopping, and it’s also a great way to start off the Christmas season with a fresh set of nails you’ll be proud to show off at all the parties and holiday dinners you’ll be attending throughout the coming weeks.

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