How To Redeem Godaddy Coupons

The Godaddy checkout process can be confusing. Even though I've been using Godaddy coupons for many years, I couldn't find the section of the site to input my coupons the other day. "What if Godaddy no longer allows coupons, I thought, as fear suddenly gripped me." Well, I finally noticed the location of the coupon code input box on the top right of the screen. Here are some screen shots that may help you find it as well.

Godaddy Click Enter Promo or Source Code Input Coupon Code Godaddy Coupon Code Entered, Click Apply Godaddy Coupon Code Discounted

There you have it, Godaddy customer. Now you're all ready to check out. Enjoy and remember that there are always coupons available for Godaddy products. Don't check out without a coupon code of some sort.

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