Coupons of the Middle Ages

CastleCoupons were first used in the 1860s in England when British travel agents began using them as a way to entice people to do more travelling. However, despite this “late” use of coupons in world events there has always been bartering. So, with the days of moats and castles, Lords and Ladies, joust and jesters, and serfs and vassals in mind, here are some coupons that might have been if…

  • Forthwith Forge- Buy 1 shield get a second one of same metal for half off
  • The Village Tavern-Save 3 denarii on a loaf of bread when you buy a large tankard of ale
  • Sir Luther’s Secret-Free candle with purchase of an oil lamp
  • Squire’s Lanes-Buy one game of skittles (similar to modern-day bowling) get the next one free. Kids play for half price on Nones day  (first day of assorted months)
  • Gryphon’s Go Mart- Buy a carriage get a horse for half price
  • The Town Crier-Buy one message delivery get the second half off
  • Donatello’s Custom Daggers- 10% off a custom designed dagger
  • Minstrels R Us-Free song and personal story for your next event when you provide a meal and bed
  • Merlyn’s Mixers-Buy one bag of herbs get a mystery bag for half price
  •  Wool-Mart-Buy 3 sheep get 1 for  50% off
  • Grape Republic-Buy a velvet headdress get streamers for free
  • Maid Marion’s Mantles- Save 10% on a  fur trim; save 25% if you provide the pelt.
  • Robin Hood’s Archers- Buy a crossbow get 3 arrows free
  • Hamburg King-Buy a mutton sandwich get a mug of ale for half price
  • House of Hermit- Pay for one knight’s stay get a free meal
  • William Tell’s Fruit Shack-Shoot an apple off the tip of a lance, get  basket of apples for half price
  • Crusader’s Sportsplex-Pay for one game of horseshoes get one half price
  • The Royale Courtyard- Kids eat free on Ides day (could be the 5th, 13th or 15th of the month)
  • Chaucer’s Travel Agency- Buy one ticket to Canterbury get the second one half off
  • Monk’s Mercantile-Trade one cask of honey for a pair of shoes
  • Swords & Such-Turn in rebate: Bring in your old scabbard and get the next one 25% off!
  • AARMCO – 10% off all armor polishing, sword sharpening or dent repair.
  • Beadle’s Bakery –  Buy two dozen hot cross buns, get one dozen free
  • JC Pantmyres – Men’s breeches, half off
  • IJOUST – Squires eat free with the purchase of a Knight’s buffet
  • Fleabag Inn and Tavern – Stay two nights, get the third for free!
Do you have some other medieval deals you think would have existed? We would love to hear from you! Be sure to share your ideas (pics anyone?) below.

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