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Happy Birthday America! After 235 years, she has undergone many joys, tragedies and memorable events. She has grown from a few colonies to 50 states and dealt with times of war and times of peace. She’ not what she once was, but she’s still the best there is! Those of us who can call America home, need only to venture beyond her borders to realize the she truly is the greatest country in the world!

After all, we have the freedom to come and go as we like, shop where we want, eat what we want when we want and where we want, worship as we wish and many other freedoms unlike those anywhere else in the world. And, to make those choices even better, we can even have a say in how much we are willing to spend on those pleasures. So, to give you some money saving options, here are some coupon codes from Coupon Claim.

This Week's Savings from Coupon Claim:

Commemorate all those summer memories with a photo session at Sears. Just go to and print your coupons to save up to 60%. There’s even a coupon for a FREE collage portrait!

 Are the kids telling you they’re bored and there’s nothing to do? Why not introduce to the fun of a hobby? Check out Hobby Tron to find crafts supplies, Science projects sure to delight and much more. At Coupon Claim we have numerous coupons to choose from so you are sure to find one just perfect for your interest. 

Upgrade your computer, get the latest in Bluetooth technology, buy an iPod and much more when you shop at Tiger Direct. Coupon Claim has the latest in Tiger Direct coupons, so be sure to check out the savings before you shop. 

Freebie of the Week:

Do you love IHOP? Then take advantage of this great offer from IHOP! Just go to IHOP Pancake Revolution and sign up to get a coupon for a free meal at IHOP. You will also get a free birthday meal and a free meal on your sign-up day anniversary!  So, just 5 minutes of your time equals 3 free meals at IHOP! 

Are you a movie buff? Then you know that frequent trips to the cinema can be pricey. Here is a great way to save money on one of the simple pleasures. Just go to to get money saving coupons mailed to your inbox each week.  

Shallow Pocket Tips

Summer has many opportunities for fun, but often those opportunities can come with large price tags. Here is an assortment of tips to help you save on summertime (or any other time of year) activities.

1.     Planning a child’s birthday party?  Then let the kids make their own Sundaes. Buy basic vanilla ice cream and some toppings (pick up when they go on sale and store) and let the kids create their own snack.  You can also save money by having a make and take craft project rather buying items for goody bags. Dollar stores often have a large assortment of items that can be painted or decorated for much less than the cost of goodie bag items.

2.     Summer sunshine can damage your skin. Protect your skin without spending large amounts on specialty  products by doing the following:

  •  Make your own skin cleaner by taking a re-sealable container filling it with coarse or sea salt then pouring olive oil over until oil gets to the top. Cover then use like a “traditional” scrub.
  • Rather than using purchased astringent cleaners for oily skin, use a bit of lime or lemon juice on a cotton swab to clean skin-be careful to avoid the eyes!
  • Rather than using expensive face cleansers, use Noxema instead. It is cheaper and healthier for your skin. Follow the Noxema with a little bit of liquid Vitamin E (available at most health store) rubbed into your skin.

3.     Bundle your media services-rather than having your cable with one company phone with Ma Bell and your Internet with another, have all three through the same company. This costs less and is more convenient when it comes to paying bills.

4.    Is a trip to Disney a part of your summer plans? Then don’t forget these tips!

  • If you are visiting one of the Disney World theme parks with young children, don’t forget to bring along a backpack with some snacks or juice boxes.
  • Carry your own water bottle into the Disney theme park and you can fill it up at any of the abundant water fountains throughout the day.
  • Shop at area factory outlet stores, which sell Disney merchandise at considerably lower prices than you, will find at stores within the parks.

Hope your summer thus far has been great and that you are finding time to relax. Be sure save money where possible. In fact, if you have any money saving tips, ideas, jokes or even questions, please share them with us here or at Coupon Claim on Facebook.  We would love to hear from you and look forward to getting to know you better. In addition, if you haven't read our recent posts, be sure to take some to visit the weekly Coupon Claim blog post.

Wishing you all the best,

–Mo and Z   

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