Be Entertained for Less: Taking Advantage of the Entertainment Book Coupons

Entertainment Book Screen ShotWhen my husband and I got married back in 1994, one of our wedding gifts was an Entertainment Book. At the time we lived in Florida, and the weekends meant a chance to travel and explore the area, so we were thrilled to discover all the money saving coupons the Entertainment Book offered. When we later moved to a different state, one of the first things we did, was find someone who had coupon books (unfortunately, the Entertainment Book was not available then in that area…it is now) for our area so that once again, we could explore the region around us while saving money at the same time. Today, our kids are so accustomed to using “The Book”, that when it comes time to choose an activity or eatery they ask, “What coupons are in the book?” or “Can we look through the book to see what we haven’t done?”

Since its early days, the Entertainment Book has grown from a small book of local coupons to a money saving resource that can be used all across the country as well as in Canada. The books are reasonably priced, just $35 for most places, and can save you well over $10,000 on entertainment like the movies, a myriad of restaurants of every type, car rentals, tourist attractions, accommodations, golf, shopping locations like Target, GNC or Borders and numerous other activities.

The purchase of an Entertainment Book gives you 3 great ways to save money:

  1. The Entertainment Book coupons
  2. The Membership Card which can be used at business and sporting events to get extra savings
  3. Register your Entertainment Book online and receive non-published savings like BOGOs and half- price coupons

 Of course, like anything, the Entertainment Book is useless to you if you don’t use it. To prevent this occurrence there are several things you can do.

  • Keep the book in the vehicle you use the most so you will be sure to use it.
  • Make sure that the Membership card in your wallet
  • Check the website regularly for extra savings
  • Make it point to try one new venue a week, based on the coupons in the Entertainment Book. You will get to go to places that, chances are, you would not considered without a coupon.
  • If you do not think that you will use all the coupons in the book, talk to a friend about splitting the cost of the book and then share the coupons.
  • If several of your friends have purchased the Entertainment Book, consider a coupon swap. For instance, I don’t drink coffee, but my friend does…I give her my coupons for coffee and she gives me the ones for craft stores.
  • If the expiration date for your book is looming in sight, pass the book around the office, chances are someone will be happy to use the coupons that are remaining.

The Entertainment Book is great way to save money without compromising on fun. If you have never used one, then you will be amazed at how much money you can save throughout the year. So, if you love saving money, and most of us do, then you can’t go wrong with purchasing the Entertainment Book.


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