Price Comparison Sites: The Basics Explained

Comparing Apples and OrangesAnyone who has every tried to get a quote for their car or home insurance online, knows how time-consuming it can be – going to all the different insurance company websites, just to save a few dollars. Which is why price comparison websites have become so popular, as consumers are able to save time, as well as money.

These sites have thrived because the companies that run them get paid a fee when someone uses their website and then signs up with one of the service providers. It’s an easy way for the insurance company or energy supplier to make a sale, and the customer is happy because the whole process of “shopping around” was made a lot less frustrating.

There’s plenty of opportunity to find what you’re looking for faster, and cheaper, if you use the price comparison sites effectively. Make sure you look at each of the main comparison sites. This way you can be sure you get to see all the offers available, as it’s unlikely that just one site will list deals from every single company, especially as some companies don’t sell through the comparison sites – you’ll need to look at these separately.

Many of the comparison websites pay a lot of attention to the cost of the various services they are comparing, but you need to make sure you are considering more than just the price. Not all the services will be exactly the same, so the product or service that looks the cheapest, might not be as good as one that costs a little bit more. If the price comparison site has a function that lets you compare the features of each provider, make sure you use it, or read the small print of each offer so you’re comparing like with like.

A lot of people only look at the two or three main price comparison websites for the majority of services they need, but there are other specialist comparison sites that you should visit as well. Focusing on services like gas and electricity, mortgages, and mobile phones, these sites might have better, or exclusive deals, so make sure you don’t miss them out.

Using more than one comparison site might seem to defeat the object of having price comparison sites, but it is still a much faster way of ensuring you see all the deals available than going to each company’s site individually. If you spend a bit of time on each of the main comparison sites, and compare the offers properly to make sure you are getting the same from each company, not only will you be saving time, but you could be saving a lot of money as well.

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