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There are plenty of reasons people choose to live in the big city. Of course, you have your basic justification of an easy commute, but what lies beneath that is easy access to entertainment. Every self respecting city is a Mecca for new restaurants, avid nightlife, premier sporting events, and the hippest new trends in fashion, beauty, and fitness. The question is, “How do you enjoy the benefits of living in the city when you are burdened with the cost of living in the city?” The answer is Groupon. Groupon It’s the perfect way to keep your social life on a budget and discovery the newest your city has to offer.

So, what is Groupon you ask? is a website that one can join and receive daily deals on city entertainment, events, restaurants, salons and so much more.
Launched in Chicago, November 2008 has now expanded to include over 40 cities in the United States and Canada, as well as MyCityDeal covering Europe. has grown to produce revenue of $350 million in less than 2 years, all thanks to the vision of creator and CEO Andrew Mason. caters to every interest, for example of the Day for Atlanta is a 58% discount of Braves tickets, while in Las Vegas they are selling $49, 50-minute stone messages. In Wichita, they have a great deal on $175 furniture for $49 and over in Milwaukee the Deal of the Day is $30 worth of food and drinks at the hip new Cafe Manna for $15. With a plethora of cities to choose from, enables young people to take advantage of all the action their beloved cities have to offer.

There are a few other comparable websites such as and; however, neither covers as many cities as More importantly, what sets apart is their extensive entertainment options. While most websites focus on restaurants and spas, has realized there is so much more they can offer. They have extended themselves to offer discounts on

  • belly dancing classes
  • helicopter rides
  • laser hair removal
  • photography sessions
  • cooking lessons

There is not a service offered that they wouldn’t discount and marketed.

With local businesses repeat and loyal customers are the key to survival and provides that to the small business owner. Groupon get customers through the door. The new girl to the city looking for a stylist, the couple looking for a romantic place to call their own, the event planner looking for a venue, the group of ladies looking for a girl’s night out, these are the people Groupon attracts. They bring them in with enticing discounts that and the business owner keeps them coming back with personalized service.

With the ease of use there is no practical reason not to check it out. Enter your email address, select your city, click subscribe and the savings come to you in a daily email. Just remember most deals expire within 24 hours so act fast, because if you snooze you lose.


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