Hosting Coupons – Big Offers, Small Print

Hosting Coupon ImageOnline coupons have increased by 39%; nearly 148 million consumers print them from websites. We use coupons for nearly every product ranging from grocery stores to Internet shopping thus creating more demand and competition in the web hosting sector. Everyone wants the edge of their competition, so why not capitalize on the tight economy and offer attractive web hosting coupons?

Behind the Curtain

All coupons have certain basic characteristics in common. Carefully read terms and conditions for each coupon, check expiration dates and always check the limitations. As with hosting coupons, it is imperative to check offers expiring, and this is especially true at the end of the month. In order to redeem hosting coupons, you must make sure to enter the coupon or promotion code, and before you finish the checkout process, you must always verify that your special discount or promotion code was accepted. Most companies will not be responsible if you do not receive your anticipated discounts, and hosting coupons can expire at any time without having to give prior notice.

Sham Wow Hosting Service Offers

Hosting companies can offer some seemingly spectacular discounts, but buyers beware. If you see a hosting coupon offering services for $3.95 per month instead of $6.95 per month, check the pricing page to find the true prices. It may not be a monthly payment price; more than likely it is usually a price for at least 2 years or even based on a 5 year payment plan; in other words the hosting coupons are incorporated into packaged plans.

Some hosting coupons offer free domain names. While most of the time your website hosting company will indeed pay it for you, you may be responsible for the renewals. If the hosting coupon offers you a free domain name for life, read the fine print found in the TOS to be sure it is just not for the life of the web hosting account. There might be a significantly higher fee for registration when you leave.

Hosting coupons sometimes offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It’s highly unlikely any web host has truly unlimited ability or desire to offer this for any length of time other than a short introductory offer. So make sure you read the TOS for a clear explanation.

The Fine Print

Part of hosting coupons are 30 day money back guarantees; mostly granted only to those individuals or companies that use credit cards so be careful how you set up your account. And if you choose to use a coupon offering 24/7 technical support free, make sure you read the TOS carefully. Could just one email qualify as a 24/7 tech support perk?

As a consumer as you shop for the perfect web host, just make sure your are not blinded by the bright lights and amazing promises… make sure you are getting the best and most honest deal by reading the terms and conditions.

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