Coupon Mom Saves the Day

coupon mom saves the dayThe hardest thing about becoming a coupon maven is really just getting started. Don’t worry you aren’t the only shopper that’s felt this way. It gets overwhelming looking at the Sunday paper triple the size of the one that came the day before. Then come visions of your living room covered with glossy pieces of cut up paper for cat food and soda and shampoo. Then you get to the store and forget all the coupons at home but you have nothing in the pantry to make for diner! It’s maddening really. Don’t worry Coupon Mom is here to save the day!

At first sight is a little intimidating. But like any good super hero Coupon Mom has a mini video explaining just how the superpowers work, or I guess in this case, the website.  Once you watch this tutorial all the fog fades away and you will kick yourself for all the money you wasted NOT using

So this is how it works, first you should have a plan of action. Coupon Mom recommends still getting the Sunday paper and cataloging the coupon flyers by date. So your 3 basic flyers, Red Plum, Smart Saver and P&G you just leave in a bin or rack by the computer for easy access.

Now you are ready to go shopping, Coupon Mom says to give yourself about 10 minutes to plan it out. Once you have decided which store you plan on going to, you log in and the weekly sales flyer is in the database. provides a few ways to search for savings. They list items, coupons, sales, and price after the sale and coupon combo, which is where you get the biggest bang for your buck. They even let you search by the highest savings percentage. Just click on the down arrow under percentage saved and make your list.

If there is a coupon sale flyer combo then there is a column that tells you the date the flyer came out and the flyer it’s in so then you just go to your handy dandy bin of coupon flyers and find it and you are ready to go. Now let’s say you are like the rest of us and you don’t have a handy dandy bin full of coupon flyers. Well Coupon Mom saves the day again! There is a search option where you can type in the coupons you are searching for and then print.

So to recap:

  1.  Search by store to see what savings they have for the week
  2.  Find out what items have coupons available
  3.  Click print and you are off to the store, having cut your grocery bill in half

But that’s not all! does the same thing for drug stores too. If there was a superhero of the year award Coupon Mom would get my vote.

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