How to Get the Best Price When You Buy a New Car

Purchasing a car is a part of life for most Americans, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pay top dollar for it. In fact, you can buy the vehicle you have always wanted and even get it for less than you expected if you are willing to take the time to do your homework. Here are a few steps to take to ensure that you get the best possible price available for your new set of wheels.

  1. Check the Internet. If you know ahead of time what a car is worth…not just what the sticker says…then you can reduce risk of overpayment before you ever walk on the lot. There are several sites such as Monster Auto, Auto Trader and even Ebay , where you can find great prices. In addition, many dealerships now allow you to buy the car off the lot without ever going to the brick and mortar location. This way you can get the best price and lower what you are paying towards the commission as well!
  2. If the dealer tells you that he can get the vehicle you want, but will need to go to a buddy’s car lot to secure, just ask for the name of the second dealer and work directly with them. Removing the “middle man” will save you time and money.
  3. To save as much as $6,000 on the cost of the car, buy during July to October when the dealerships are making room for new inventory or in December when the dealerships are trying to boost year-end sales.
  4. From the decision to buy a car until the actually purchase, it is usually a 2 to 3 month process, so don’t procrastinate about doing the homework until your car is no longer drivable or will not get a decent trade-in price. If you wait until your car is dying, you may have little or no choices and will spend more than was necessary.
  5. Protect your interest- never let the dealer know that you are desperate for a car.
  6. Don’t sign anything until you have read everything. Often, there are extra fees tacked on that buyers blindly accept. Read the information carefully and ask questions about anything you don’t understand. If you aren’t sure about something, ask to take the paperwork home with you and then talk to someone you trust.

Once you have your new car, keep it running smoothly by using products designed to make the engine and all its parts in good working order. You can save money on this aspect of car ownership, by using the automotive coupons here on Coupon Claim.


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