Coupon Claim News – October 19, 2010

Coupon Claim
Here's the latest coupons and happenings at


Big Changes!
We've made a lot of changes to and are now ready to start the newsletter back! Here are a few, but we know you'll want to check them out for yourself here.
• Improved design
• New content editor (welcome, Jan!)
• More coupons
• Coupons updated more frequently
• More stores
• Mo's Picks and Z's Picks
Check Out These Coupons
10% off a purchase $75 or more at!
Expires: 10/23/2010
10% off $40 or more at
Expires: 10/31/2010
Lowest Airfare Guarantee on Thanksgiving Flights at
Plus Save $20 – $10 Instantly
Expires: 11/25/2010

All the Best for Saving,

–Mo and Z

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