How to Get Loads of Free Stuff

by Nicole Seekely

There’s nothing that’ll make your day more than getting something for free. These days there’s a large variety of ways to get free stuff. Freebies can range from free e-mail addresses to free t-shirts to free food. If you’re having the freebie blues, here’s a list of ways to find your freebie- of-the-day.


I’m always anxious to get the Sunday morning newspaper so I can look through the Sunday coupons. Occasionally you will find a coupon that’s good for a free item – no strings attached. Usually, it’s buy one, get one free. In addition, I like to look out for those $1 or $2 off coupons. If it’s double/triple coupon week at your local grocery store, those coupons get you so much money off that the item ends up being free.


Rebates these days are actually more common on the internet. used to be the most popular rebate site, but it recently went out of business. There are other 100% rebates out there! Just go to a search engine and type in “100% rebate”. All you have to do is buy the item, then send in the rebate. You’ll get your money back!

**Wondering how the company can afford to do this? They over-price the item. Then they wait for some lazy bums to forget to send in the rebate. Cha-ching! They’ve just made a lot of money because someone forgot to ask for their money back. But the pricing shouldn’t matter, just as long as YOU send in YOUR rebate!

Grocery Stores

Most (if not all) grocery stores have free food samples on display. The store I go to always has cupcakes out for free. Yummy! So when you’re cruising down the aisles, look out for those free apple juice or cookie samples.

Also, some stores have a policy that I love: “If the item rings up at the wrong price, you get that item for FREE!” I always check the prices as the cashier is scanning my items. Nothing’s better than a free bag of M&M’s (or any other item)!


Anywhere you go on the internet, you’re bound to find a free service. There are millions of free e-mail addresses out there waiting for you to sign up. Here are the most popular ones: * * *

In addition, you can get tons of cool information, recipes, tips, and so forth sent to your e-mail box for free! Here are some newsletters I would recommend: *Daily News, Weather.. – *Humor, Beauty Tips.. – *Cool Websites.. –

Product Samples (the real freebies!)

This category is my favorite. Several companies like to offer free product samples to get you interested in what they’re selling. This means they’ll send you something 100% free! No shipping/handling charges, no work required! They can do this because they get advertisers to pay them, and the company also hopes you will comeback and buy their product. There are sites on the internet that list freebie offers. These are my picks: *The Panda Pages – *Daily Freebies – *Totally Freebies –

The key is to always keep your eyes open! The list could go on and on, but I thought I’d give you the gist. Enjoy your freebie hunt!

About the Author Nicole Seekely is the publisher of The Panda Pages weekly e-zine. You can contact her at [email protected] Also, visit her website at for freebies, cool sites, and more. To subscribe to her e-zine send an e-mail to [email protected]


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