woot.com is an online store that has developed a unique method for selling heavily discounted close-out items over the Internet. The company is operated by a consumer electronics distributor, so many of the items are for sale are gadgets. Bargain hunters are likely to see anything from an HP Notebook to a Remote Control Hummer H2 with SpyCam.

Woot! - One Day, One DealWoot.com is not an auction site like eBay or uBid. Instead, Woot.com sells one item per day until it is sold out or until 11:59pm central time when it is replaced. Each woot item sold is in stock and ready to ship on the day of purchase. Woot.com items are made available Monday through Friday mornings with Friday’s product lasting through the weekend unless it sells out. A new item only appears at the next release time. So, this makes it easy for visitors who like bargains but don’t want to manage multiple auctions on eBay.

One almost admirable quality of Woot.com is that the company does not kowtow to customers. You can’t even speak to a Woot.com customer service representative because they are busy "sourcing new products and shipping orders." However, Woot.com allows customers to post a comment to the Woot community board, but Woot.com doesn’t guarantee a response. Woot.com encourages buyers to pursue product issues through the manufacturers.

The simplicity of one-product-one-day marketing, the online community aspect, and the fact that there is no rigorous signup process to become a member make Woot.com worth checking out for those looking for discount electronic products here:


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