How To Trade Coupons Successfully on the Internet

Just suppose you have lots of coupons you don’t use. Don’t throw them away. Why not trade them? Consider trading coupons online and using such sites as Coupon Forum, Just Mommies or Coupon Moms. I always send my college student  Little Debbie’s Brownies in his “care-packages” because they travel and pack well, so I am always looking for coupons for this product. Since I don’t need baby formula or diaper merchandise any longer, and I see valuable savings for Enfamil, Similac or Pampers; I clip them, save them and use them as my trades. Simple? It’s fun; you get to meet the nicest folks and you save a lot of money. Most coupons are regional, so there’s always something going on in different parts of the country with coupons.  Most sites will make you register, and some sites charge money to participate, so make sure you read all of the privacy policies, the TOS as well as the rules.

  1. Online trading sites may be divided into categories such as groceries, health, beauty, technology, apparel, etc. Some sites even cater to local or regional coupons as in restaurant coupons, two-for-ones, local pizza places and Subway.
  2. Collect and organize your coupons. Always cut and save the most popular types of coupons even if you don’t need them. Diaper and baby food, soup, rice coupons are always popular and can supply you with the valuable coupons you can exchange and trade easily.
  3. Don’t just dive into every coupon site. Start slowly introducing yourself and the details of the exact coupon you want to trade including size, discount, brand and expiration date. It’s most preferable to do one post at a time per forum; saves on a lot of unnecessary confusion.
  4. When you receive a response that someone wants to trade, answer within 12 to 24 hours regardless if you are accepting or turning down the coupon exchange.
  5. When you agree to trade coupons, mail it out the same day and do not forget the postage on the envelope. Many sites have both written and unwritten ethical codes, and if a site member complains about you, that may be the end of your participation on the forum, no matter what the excuse.
  6. Never give your full name, address, phone number on any site; your first name and email address is sufficient.
  7. Consider renting a post office box to protect your privacy.
  8. Don’t become addicted …. Happy Trading!

Another  worthy consideration might be to start a coupon exchange evening in your own neighborhood. Gather your coupons, meet your friends and trade. It will save you money, give you a chance to meet new friends, re-acquaint with some old friends and have some great fun.

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