Kroger Goes Digital

Kroger LogoRecently, Kroger has started offering its shoppers a great new way to save money-without spending time cutting out coupons! As of July 22, Kroger shoppers can go to the website and select up to 150 Kroger coupons that can be applied to the store brands, as well as  popular brands such as Betty Crocker, Proctor and Gamble, Tide, and Kellogg’s. Customers can easily load their Kroger Plus cards with coupons for groceryand household items, thus making it easier to have the coupon they need at checkout. Also noteworthy concerning the digital Kroger coupons is that the coupons can be used at other Kroger affiliates like City Market, Dillon, Fred Meyer, Ralphs and Smiths, King Soopers or QFC.

To use the Kroger coupons, simply got to the Kroger site and establish an account by entering the Kroger Plus Card information. Then you can simply browse the site, selecting the coupons that you would like to use. The coupons are available for use 1 hour later. All coupons are subject to an expiration date which is typically within six weeks from the day the digital Kroger coupon is loaded to the card. Shoppers should note that the Kroger coupons can only be used 1 time. However, new coupons can be loaded as often as needed.  When you visit the Kroger Coupon site, you are able to sort by category to see what coupons are available for items you plan to purchase, making time spent preparing to shop shorter.

There has been some debate as to whether the digital Kroger coupons are stackable. Depending on the store and the management policy this may vary, so check your local store to see what restrictions, if any, apply.

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