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The internet is evolving and changing at an incredible pace and companies are born and disappear in an eye blink. If a web hosting company has been around for 5 or 6 years then they have something to be proud of. How about one that has been in business for over a decade? Lunarpages has been a full service web host for nearly 13 years now and they have earned a reputation for dependability and excellence. When you call their 24/7 priority support, you are not put through to someone in India that is reading from a script. They do not farm out their work to third parties; the call will go straight to an optimized call center in Anaheim, California. If you take their high level of service into consideration, you would assume that their price plans would be higher than other hosts. Lunarpages basic plan is 3 dollars per month less than Hostgator, which is another well known web hosting provider. The basic plan is not light on features and provides:

  • Unlimited Gigabytes of storage space
  • No limit on bandwidth usage
  • Website templates at no additional cost
  • Free domain name registration
  • Over 700 dollars worth of website software and services.

All of that is included in the standard price and does not reflect any of the discounts available with Lunarpages Coupons.  Lunarpages Coupons are available in many different configurations. Some offer straight discounts by offering 48 dollars off of the 24 month basic hosting plan. Other Lunarpages coupons will allow you to get the first 3 months of the windows hosting plan for free. It is completely up to you and allows you to configure you’re hosting and discounts package in a way that is most advantages to your situation. If you would like to look through the various Lunarpages coupon codes and their respective discounts, you can view them at

If you have never used Lunarpages Coupons before there is no need to worry, it could not be simpler. Each one has individual Lunarpages Coupon Codes to identify them. When you are going through the sign up process you will be asked to type in the Lunarpages coupon codes and upload them with your order. That is all there is to it. From there your hosting will be set up and the discounts that you entered will be applied to your account for as long as they are valid. Lunarpages is an industry leader because they not only make it easy to sign up for their service but they make it easy to stay with them. Low prices, 24/7 tech support and service that you can count on is only a few of the things that Lunarpages offers. Grab a coupon and visit today to find out how they can help you.

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