Spice It Up For Man’s Best Friend

Dog is man’s best friend so of course we want nothing but the best for our dogs. In this day and age there is more than one person can imagine keeping him happy and healthy. With just as many option today in dog food as there is people food it’s easy to get confused. The vets always have opinions on what they think is best for your dog. But how do you find it?

The resources are readily available online, at your grocery stores, and specialty pet stores such as PETCO and PetsMart. Interestingly, shopping on a budget for your dog is as easy as shopping for yourself. It just takes 5 minutes of planning before rushing out the door. Great places to start are couponmom.com or redplum.com to see what instant coupons are available. Then, before you leave, take a few minutes to look up the store where you plan to shop to see if they have any in-house sales which you would be able to combine with your manufacturer coupon.

It’s also mentionable that now some of the top chefs have lines of pet food that have less preservatives.  Stores like Petco and PetsMart will often have sales on these items as well as off your entire purchase. If you are about to try a new type of pet food check the website of the company as they often have coupons enticing you to try their new products. Sometimes, you may even luck out and get a free sample. Making it more economical to see if your pooch is as into the change as you are.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, variety is the spice of life and that doesn’t pertain to just your life. Your dog could use some spicing up too. So why not save a little money along the way?


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