Starting the Day Right

eating breakfast, saving on cereal, cereal coupons,Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The problem is finding the time to prepare a well balanced breakfast every morning and still make it to work, school, or the appointment on time. If you are like me then I’m sure the best option you have to start out your day is with a bowl of cereal. However, with skyrocketing prices it’s hard to find the best value for your money.

Of course, you want the most nutritious breakfast option for your family without having to empty your bank account. Thankfully, as the  prices have gone up so have the ways to save money on breakfast foods-as well as other  grocery and service items. One such new way is with Here,  you can check out your favorite store as well as the coupons currently available. At Coupon Mom, you can even tell you the amount of money saved on each item. Then you can go into the Sunday paper and just clip the coupons that are available.

Publix supermarket is also a great place to checkout because they will double any coupons under 50 cents. Kroger’s also has amazing deals when you buy multiples of an item. Since most coupons require you to purchase 2 or more boxes it’s a great way to combine savings. It is important to remember, however, that the fastest way from point A to point B is a straight line. In this sense I am referring to the company website.

General Mills is one of the largest food suppliers in the United States and they not only have General Mills cereals but Betty Crocker, Green Giant, and even Pillsbury. General Mills will let you sign up and send you nearly one hundred dollars worth of coupons a month directly to your email. The next best website I found for cereal is But the best part of this website is not the coupons. The best part of is that they give you alternate ways to eat cereal. There are recipes using almost every type of cereal- from fried chicken to desserts. And let’s face it no one wants to be the one to get the last bowl of cereal crumbs, so why not use them rather than throw them away. This is just another great way to stretch the dollar.

So, start your day off right by eating breakfast, but don't let your breakfast break your budget. Use the coupons, and recipes, available online and stretch your breakfast savings to last through

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