May the Fourth be With You

  star wars, legos, toysStar Wars, the author Douglas Adams and Discworld all have at least one thing in common—they all fall into the category of sci-fi or fantasy. And, as such they are the stars of the month of May. In fact, Star Wars fans are always especially psyched because May 4 has been dubbed Star Wars Day or Luke Skywalker Day, due to fans commonly saying "May the fourth be with you" a spoof on the popular phrase, “May the force be with you.”

To celebrate the day, many sites offer special sales on Star Wars related items. Some of these are:

Lego- Free poster of numbered Lego Star Wars ships with every purchase; free mini-fig with a $75 purchase and automatic entry to win a first-edition LEGO® Star Wars™ Ultimate Collector's Millenium Falcon3.

If you live near the Pacific Coast Museum (200 2nd Ave N, Seattle, WA), check out these special Star Wars Events:

Wheel and Deal – in this special edition of their popular live science game show, test your knowledge of Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination.

Coloring and craft tables – color Yoda, make a Droid, or construct a light saber using recycled materials.

Star Wars trivia time – show off your knowledge of one of the world's most successful film franchise.

Special space-themed laser show – featuring music and laser renderings inspired by a galaxy far, far away. and will reveal the Star Wars Saga Blu-ray sets which promises details of the upcoming Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy and Complete Saga.

May the Force be with you any time of the year as you play the free Star Wars games available at Mighty Magoo.

  The first Saturday in May each year is National Comic Book Day and as such, comic book stores all over the country give away free comic books. In addition, many of them have comic book characters, special games and other comic book related activities that will be enjoyed by all. Whether you are a D.C. fan, love the Marvel characters or follow Anime you are sure to have a great time at these, batman, terry pratchett

Of course, May 4th and May 7 are not the only special days for sci-fi fans; also of interest is May 25th which is known as Nerd Day or Geek Pride Day. May 25th is – Towel Day, for fans of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy by Douglas Adams, Star Wars Day, and the Glorious 25 May, for fans of Terry Pratchett's Discworld. The 25th is also the day that the Star Wars film was first released in 1977.

So, enjoy the month of May and the interesting sci-fi freebies, special events and sales available. May the fourth be with you!

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