Read Any Good Books Lately?

books, book stackOne of the favorite past times in my family is reading. In fact, on any given day, there is a stack of books waiting to be taken back to the library. Our reading tastes are varied, ranging from mystery/suspense to fantasy and the classics to sci-fi, not to mention keeping up on the latest in technology, but we often find ourselves waiting for someone else in the family to finish a book so another of us can read it. Of course, like many readers, we love to go to the bookstore and peruse the latest releases from our favorite authors as well as check out a new author.

As a result of this passion for reading, when I first began working for Coupon Claim one of my son’s first questions was, “Does it have any coupons for Barnes and Nobles?” As this is his idea of a well spent Friday night, this was a perfectly logical question. His delight with an answer of “Yes” was only excelled when I showed him that Coupon Claim actually had several bookstores and book sites listed. If you are not familiar with some of these great sources for reading material, not to mention music, DVDs and magazines, then be sure to check out some of these sites—they are perfect places to help you with your Christmas shopping as well!

  • Alibris– for hard to find books, music and more, Alibris is just the place. My son is a huge fan of the British authors and has found many books that he wanted to read at Alibris that he could not find anywhere else. Their prices are reasonable and the selection is quite impressive!
  • Books-a Million– Once again, the selection is great. This was always one of my kid’s favorite stores when they were little as the Children’s section offered the chance to play with toys and puzzles after they had picked out their books.
  • Amazon and Overstock are also websites that offer wide selections of books, music, toys and more. In fact, when I am looking for educational items, these are the first 2 places I look. Their prices are reasonable with choices of buying used or new, you can pick the price.If you prefer to read shorter stories and articles, then don’t overlook the deals available at . They have a wide selection of magazines which you can purchase at below newsstand prices.

Reading is one of those pleasures that should be indulged in often. Through it, you can travel the world, keep up with the latest in fields of every type or take a break from the everyday. So, check out these stores and sit down with a good book. You’ll be glad you did!


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