How Buying Groceries Can Help With College Costs

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If you have a student who is planning on college-regardless of how far away it may seem to be-then finding ways to save money for their higher education is a must. However, with so many expenses each month, this can be a difficult task. But what if you could save money for your education, simply by spending money on groceries, going out to eat, putting gas in your car, making online purchases or shopping at the drugstore?  What? Save money by spending it? Yes, not only is possible, but anyone can do it.

To save money for higher education, check out At Upromise, you will find hundreds of coupons for items of every sort that can be used at brick and mortar stores as well as online stores. Setting up an account at Upromise is free. You just choose a username and password, and then enter in your credit/debit card information (Don’t worry, the site is safe and numerous security features protecting your information). After your debit/credit cards are entered take a few minutes to enter in your savings cards like Harris Teeter, Food Lion, CVS and others, as well as download the TurboSaver so you can keep up with the latest in saving options. Then shop as normal.

Each time you make a purchase, a certain percentage is added to your account. The percentage rates vary, but saving money for the future-even if it is only a few dollars at a time-adds up. The benefits of an Upromise membership include:

  • Earning college savings through eligible everyday spending
  • Starting a college savings plan
  • Learning about ways to pay for college
  • Receiving special discounts, bonuses, and money-saving offers

Not sure if Upromise has benefits at locations you would use? Check out the saving available at these locations:

Eddie Bauer® 3%

Baby Services
Cryo-Cell 2%

Butterfield Blooms™ 10% 10%
Flowers USA 10%

GiftSense™ 10%

Bed Bath & Beyond® 1%

Service Stations
Exxon 1 cent per gallon*
Mobil 1 cent per gallon*

Auto Services
Avis 5% (use AWD number K563500)
Budget 4% (use BCD number X989300)

This is just a sampling of the many stores where you can benefit by being a member of Upromise. Why not take some time to see what other locations are on their list? Chances are you will find many places where shopping will actually help you save money.

Going to college is an important part of your child’s (or perhaps your own) future. Set up an Upromise account and start making that dream a reality.


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