Saving Money On Pampered Cats

pampered cats, cats, saving moneyIt’s undeniable that cats demand to be pampered. True, they don’t require the attention that man’s best friends demand but they will not be ignored. The trick is to treat them like royalty as they expect but on the budget of a pauper.

There are resources that cater to your needs for cat food and cat supply coupons. The beauty of the internet today is the variety; however, it impedes on privacy. Most websites make you jump through hoops before they actually give you what you were looking for in the first place. By the time you get past the personal inquisition you forget why you even started! So we have done the search for you.

  • Cat food and kitty litter are the two biggest expenses for the day to day care of a cat. The easiest way to save money on these items is by keeping a stock of coupons. is a great place to start. Red plum is a weekly circular that comes in your Sunday paper but if you don’t get the Sunday paper it’s available online. They have a pet supply category that makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for and allows you to print the coupons from the current circular.
  • Secondly there is which allows you to search by keyword. Just type in “cat” into their search bar and all the available coupons will pop up. Click on the product you like and print at your convenience. Cat food coupons galore!
  • Last but not least, it’s a good idea to check out your favorite pet supply store’s website for current sales and coupons as well. For example PetsMart allows you to search by type of pet. So click on “cat” at the home page and then “sale” and you will get a list of products marked down currently and if you combine that with the coupons you already have you are maximizing your savings.
  • The last website to mention is They tell you all the available cat food and cat supply coupons and where to find them, but beware you may have to register at the individual sites.

So pamper away without denying your cat the royal treatment any longer.

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