Affordable Weekend Getaway Ideas

After a long and difficult week at the office, there’s nothing you’d like more than to get away. Although fleeing real life may be tempting, it’s usually not feasible in the long-term. However, there are plenty of ways to get the break you’re yearning for and still make it back to work on Monday. Pack your overnight bag and get ready to hit the road for one of these affordable weekend getaways.



Every state has at least one state park worthy of exploring, and many have several. Rent a cabin or pitch a tent for a weekend of hiking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, and other outdoor fun. Most state parks have campgrounds complete with a restroom facility and showers. If you live in a coastal state, you may even find nearby state parks with cabin rentals right on the beach. This is by far one of the more affordable options. Cabin rentals are usually $40 or less per night, and campsite rental is typically around $20.


A Night on the Town

Living in a rural area has its perks —the quiet solitude, star-filled night skies, and plenty of opportunity for outdoor recreation. But sometimes, you just want a night out on the town. Take a trip to a nearby metropolis and spend the weekend enjoying the perks of city life. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or expensive. Enjoying a couple of nights in a motel, shopping, seeing a show, and having dinner out, can be a welcome break from the humdrum.


Or a Night Out of Town

Conversely, if you live in the city, there are times you just want to get away from all the rush and bustle. Especially in coastal areas, chances are there’s an idyllic small town within driving distance that will provide just the respite you’re looking for. Many such spots are historic little towns that thrive on tourist dollars, so you have even more of an excuse to enjoy shopping, eating at local spots, and staying at a local inn or bed and breakfast.


Winery Weekend

When you think of American wine, you probably think of California and Napa Valley, “wine country.” But in reality, there are amazing wineries all over the U.S., including Washington state, New York, and Michigan. If you live nearby and are pressed for time, make a day trip to the country and enjoy a few hours sipping delicious, handcrafted wine and enjoying the beautiful view from the tasting room or vineyard. If you have a bit more time, many wineries offer lodging packages at on-site bed and breakfasts.



Cruises are the ultimate romantic getaway, and they’re also surprisingly affordable. A three-day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas, for example, can cost under $200 per person. That’s not including tax, gratuities, or port fees, but considering it does include food, lodging, and entertainment, it’s a pretty great deal. Cruises are especially affordable if you live within driving distance of the departure port. Orlando, for instance, is the most common port of departure for the Bahamas. But the good news is, if you live in a coastal state, chances are you’re fairly close to a cruise port. These short cruises usually involve one day on land and two days at sea —just enough time to enjoy equal parts relaxation on deck and exploration on shore.


It may not be a trip to Bali, but any one of these getaways is sure to have you feeling revived and refreshed, without breaking the bank. What are some of your favorite weekend getaways?

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