16 Cheap Homemade Dinner Recipes

Eating out at the latest restaurants is great, but it can gobble up your budget faster than you gobble up those delicious entrees. Cooking dinner at home is a fantastic option for spending more time together as a family and saving money. We know time to research meals is scarce so consider this your cheat-sheet for delicious, cheap recipes you can make at home. Whether you’re searching for hearty comfort foods, lighter healthy options or family-friendly meals, these cheap homemade dinner recipes have you covered.


Light, Healthy Dinners

As the weather warms up, we tend to look for lighter options for our delicious dinners. Whether it’s crisp fresh salads or warm bowls of seasonal veggies, you can try these recipes for your healthy weeknight dinners and know you’re saving money.


If you’re looking for a dish that’s light on the waistline (and the budget!) but heavy on flavor, try this mediterranean salad with lemon herb vinaigrette.


Get all the delicious flavors of a Mexican dinner without all the extra calories when you make this chicken quinoa burrito bowl.


There’s something for everyone with a cobb salad and this harvest cobb salad is particularly delicious.


This low-cost recipe is so full of delightful savory ingredients it may seem like it’s full of calories, but an abundance of veggies and whole-wheat pasta make it a perfect light dinner that still satisfies. Try this skillet Italian sausage and peppers with whole-wheat penne any night of the week.


Tuna casserole was a staple in many households growing up and it has always been a budget friendly option. Make this lighter tuna casserole to bring back all the flavors of your childhood.


Vegetarians rejoice, your budgets are saved too! Try this tofu and veggies in peanut sauce recipe that’s packed with healthy veggies and full of flavor.


Comfort Food Meals

Comfort foods are the perfect choice for homemade recipes. Keep your kitchen filled with the smell of delicious foods that everyone loves and leave the dinner table totally satisfied. These recipes add some creative twists to traditional comfort foods but keep the budget low.


Impress your family with this incredible chicken with sun-dried tomato cream sauce recipe and they might think you’ve been taking cooking classes on the side.


Comfort foods are always best when they’re fried. Lighten up the calories so you can indulge in even more juicy bites with this best oven fried chicken recipe.


This cheap recipe is the best of both worlds with spicy shrimp with creamy polenta. You’ll keep going back bite after bite for the flavor combination.


It doesn’t get more comforting than a chicken pie. This stovetop version is loaded with good stuff but only adds up to $3 per serving.


Family Friendly Options

When you’re gathering the whole family around the dinner table, you’re faced with several opinions on favorite foods. Satisfy the pickiest children and the most discerning teenagers in your family with these cheap, family-friendly options. They can even get in on the cooking.


Easy, tasty, and fun to eat! This baked chicken fingers with honey mustard dipping sauce recipe will be a family favorite.


Kids love tater tots and adults love lasagna. The perfect cheap family dinner dish? This Totsagna!


If your family loves takeout fried rice you can whip up this cheap recipe at home and they’ll fall for it in an instant. They’ll agree your homemade version is better-than-takeout chicken fried rice.


Everyone loves macaroni and cheese. This baked smokin’ macaroni and cheese will satisfy every member of your family for less than $2 per serving.


Most kids have tried fish fingers, but not many have tried homemade fish fingers & minty smashed peas. This is a fun and easy way to add veggies to a dish they already love.  


Last but not least, a fan favorite in any household is always burgers! These burger sliders are the perfect size for all your family members to take as many as they like and they will not disappoint in the flavor department.

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