Contest Entry Results

The results are in. Coupon Claim's entry in the Credit Cards Canada writing contest placed. Thanks so much for all of your help! If you haven't read the article yet, you can find it at:

To begin, make it a point to subscribe to your area Sunday paper. Many experts suggest that you get at least one paper, so you can take advantage of coupons that are especially valuable. If you are concerned that the cost of the paper may lower your savings, then talk to friends who get the paper but will not use the coupons and ask for their coupon section. In addition, many coupon sites sell newspaper subscriptions at a reduced rate. Once you have accumulated some coupon sections, you will need to do the following:

A.Choose your filing method. Some people choose a shoebox with section dividers or using an expandable file, while others prefer a 3-ring notebook with photo sleeves or sports card pockets that are in tabbed sections.

B.Make tabs that will help you locate your coupons easily. Some websites give a long list of sections ranging from baby items to packaged foods or beauty products. You can choose from a predesigned list or create one of your own.

C.As you go through the coupon section, only cut out the coupons you will use, but don’t be a “brand snob”. You will often find that the difference in flavor is not discernable, while the variance in price may be quite significant.

D.Keep your coupon file current! Take a few minutes-perhaps at the first of each month- to weed out any coupons that have expired.

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