How to Save on a Summer Wardrobe

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising. Summer is on the way and it can be tempting to splurge on all new summer clothes to celebrate the season. Get the summer wardrobe you desire while keeping your budget in check by using these tips to save on your summer wardrobe this year.


Start with a stock-take

First things first, get all your summer clothes out of storage and spread out everything you have. Try everything on, look for wear and tear, separate the items you no longer want or aren’t wearable anymore, and complete a full stock-take of everything you own (including those cute or not-so-cute anymore summer sandals!) You may have forgotten that summer dress you got in September or those new shorts you loved. Checking out your closet first prevents you accidentally buying new items you don’t need.


Plan a swap party!

Odds are you’ve got great clothes that you just don’t wear or you’ve worn so often you’re tired of them. Guess what? So do your friends! Kick off the season by hosting a clothing swap party. Everyone brings items that are still in good condition but they just don’t wear anymore. Swap and exchange to your hearts’ content, and the host can be in charge of donating the items nobody chose to take home. These parties are great for everyone involved because they let you clear out your closet, take home great new options for your wardrobe for free, and give you an excuse to hang out with your friends!


Make some minor repairs or DIY a new style.

If you’ve got great clothes that have a little wear and tear, you can easily repair them and avoid spending money on a whole new item. Repair or replace buttons, fix zippers, sew up small tears and everything can be good as new. If you’re not sure how to get these done you can take them to a tailor or check out tutorials online for easy instructions.

Another option is to get creative and have a little fun with a DIY project, like dyeing an old t-shirt or turning that old top into a new beach bag. Again, you can check out online tutorials for these projects. Enjoy a day of crafting and give yourself the reward and pride of creating a totally unique new item for your summer wardrobe.


Re-think your favorites.

Evaluate what you already own and love and think about how you could make some gorgeous new outfits with it. Maybe all you really need is one beautiful new kimono wrap or a basic dress to make a ton of great summer outfits. Don’t buy anything new unless it works with something in your existing closet to create an outfit, to avoid the mistake of paying for new items you never end up wearing. Keep your shopping trips focused and you’ll save money and leave satisfied knowing you got exactly what you were looking for to complete your wardrobe vision.


Gotta have new pieces? Think about how long they’ll last.

Invest in timeless and go thrifty with trends. If you absolutely need to jump on that must-have trend for summer (hello off the shoulder shirts!) go for a less expensive option as trends tend to come and go. Pick up a low-cost version and save your big spending for timeless wardrobe staples like the perfect pair of jeans, tailored trousers, or that summer dress that works for every occasion.


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Check online for discounts, sales, and vouchers. A quick search should let you know if there’s a voucher or coupon you can use at your favorite retailer or even a bonus discount for your first online purchase. If you have a few favorite stores, it will be worth it to sign up to their promotional emails which notify you first about upcoming sales and often offer extra discounts for email subscribed members.

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