Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This Mother’s Day, make your gift less about the cost and more about the thought you’ve put into it. You can get affordable gifts that are perfect for your Mom, regardless of what she loves to do. Whatever your Mom is into, you can find, make, or plan the perfect gift for her to make this a memorable Mother’s Day at a low cost.

Gifts that come with quality time

Remember all those meals you ate growing up…we’re talking 3 a day for many, many, many days. It might be time to pay Mom back by cooking her a special meal. Is she a brunch lover? A gourmet foodie? Whatever she loves, you can find recipes to DIY a great meal together and you’ll get to spend the time chatting while you’re cooking and prepping her special dining experience.

You can’t head to a spa without spending a pretty penny, but you can create one at home for a fraction of the cost. Put together a spa day for you and Mom and cash in on quality time and a little pampering for each other. Build an inexpensive mani/pedi kit with a pumice stone, foot scrub, a set of nail tools, polish colors, and some luxurious lotion. Get a couple of single use facemasks and a bottle of wine or champagne and you’ve got an at-home spa day to remember.

Gifts that give all year long

Regardless of what your Mom loves to do as a hobby, there is probably a perfect subscription out there for her. Sign her up to read as many books as she wants all year with a book subscription or have new delicious wines delivered to her door each month. Whether she’s a gym-junkie, a book lover, a crafter, a beer connoisseur or a beauty queen, you can find an inexpensive subscription that delivers treats to her door a few times a year, so your gift just keeps on giving!

Schedule a year of dates. We don’t always check in with our Moms as often as we should. Switch up the old “date calendar” idea and schedule a date per month with your Mom for the rest of the year. You can tailor this to whatever you both love to do, from symphony tickets to nights at the movies to coffee catch-ups, but make sure you both schedule and commit to at least one date for the two of you each month.

Gifts for her unique style

Personalized jewelry is a beautiful way to select something unique for your Mom. Pick up something just for her with beautiful options on personalized jewelry. These days you don’t have to spend big bucks on customized items thanks to online shops and boutiques. You can get rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces at low prices with gorgeous monograms or names engraved, and she’ll think of you every time she wears it.

Upscale her everyday items. We all have those little things that get worn down or worse for wear that we don’t replace for ourselves until they’ve completely fallen apart. Pick up these small but coveted goods for your Mom to make her feel appreciated and she’ll love that you noticed she could use a new one. A new wallet, fun keychain, classy or fun case for her glasses, or a customized phone case would be perfect options. None of these things cost much but she’ll think of you every time she uses them.

Is your Mom always talking about a skill she wants to learn or a challenge she wants to master but doesn’t get around to it? Sign her up to a class (bonus points if you sign up with her!) so she can finally master that item on her list. Whether it’s a cooking class, learning a new language, or running her first race, doing it together will be a great experience and she’ll be grateful you’ve helped her set aside the time to do something for herself that she’s always wanted to do.


Try one of these affordable gifts for your Mom this Mother’s Day and spend your time enjoying each other’s company instead of stressing about the high cost of gifts.

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