Redplum – Coupon Clipping in the 21st Century

When was the last time you sat down with a pair of scissors on the living room floor with the Sunday paper? For me I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I even bothered. I wish I could say that this was because the $10 or so dollars I would save didn’t matter to me. Actually, no, I’m glad I can’t say that and I don’t think I will ever be the type of person to say that. The reason I don’t sit by wasting away my beautiful Sundays is because I have discovered a secret weapon:

Redplum is actually owned by Valassis Communications Inc. They have an extensive history in direct mailers, but surprisingly enough they actually started in 1984 by sending out missing children mailers. After joining forces with the US Postal Service they have successfully found over 1600 missing children. Valassis Communications has been helping households in numerous ways since its launch and has never stopped its pursuit to never forget the children. In 1997, they allied with a direct mailing company extending their reach to over 17 million households and extended their outreach to include discount coupons. When Redplum launched in January 2008 , the company began reaching over 130 million households. Screen Cap is a database for grocery, restaurant, and website coupons. By far the easiest website to find coupons, Redplum lets you browse in numerous ways. First and foremost is the Sunday paper coupons. Once you log in at Redplum, you can

  • Click on groceries and browse through the weekly coupons then click on the ones you want to print
  • Locate your favorite grocery store, or drug store, or any other store and browse through the specials and print as needed
  • Search categories such as food, apparel, beverages, and even furniture for exactly what you are looking for

The savings from redplum do not stop there. After your grocery list is complete, move on over to the restaurant tab to find a place for your Friday night date. Type in your zip code and redplum gives you a list of coupons for restaurants in your area. Have you been eyeing that new Italian place across the street? Well, chances are Redplum as a coupon for $10 off dinner for two, why not check it out? Who knows you may have just found your new favorite restaurant.

Well, after you have your Friday night plans set, of course you need a new outfit to wear on the big night. And yes, of is here to help with that too. Click on coupon codes and find some of the most popular stores listed with amazing savings that don’t even circulate in the Sunday paper. Exclusive online savings, as well as deals on specialty stores making sure you will find exactly the right look.

Still have some time to kill?  Maybe a manicure could fill it,  just click over to all deals and see what your area has to offer. With Redplum you won’t ever pay full price again.


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