8 Ways to Spell Shopping


finding coupons, restaurant coupons, store coupons,Couponing and saving money can be part of virtually every aspect of life. Whether it is a night out on the town with that special someone, a dinner date, gift giving for an event, or simply looking for creative ways to save on household expenses. So with saving creatively in mind, here are some fun shopping tips to remember.

Shop with coupons everywhere possible. Whether it is a fast food restaurant, a department store or online, you can find coupons for nearly every purchase—you may have to spend a few minutes researching/looking for a coupon, but typically, the time invested in the looking is compensated in the savings.

Have a list of items you need to purchase before leaving the house, but be flexible as you may find a better deal once you get to the store.

Open mindedness- Don’t be afraid to try out a new brand. If you have a coupon for a brand that you have never tried, take a chance and try the product—especially if you have coupon for the new item, but not one for the “tried and true” one. You should also keep an open mind to suggestions and tips from others regarding the best price and service for household repairs or improvements.  Learning from other’s experiences-both good and bad- can save you money!

Pay attention! Look for opportunities to stack coupons on purchases whenever possible. Keep in mind, that stacking coupons does not just apply to grocery store purchases.

Put it back! Even if you shop from a list, chances are that you will still make an impulse purchase (or 2). If you don’t have a coupon and the item is not on sale, then put the tem back on the shelf.  You will be surprised at how this simple action can save you.  Another way to “put it back” is by making it a point to put back a specific amount of your paycheck (this is even easier to do if you have a bank that allows you to do this automatically) into savings each month. In many cases, most won’t even miss the amount taken out and at the end of the year, you will have saved a fair amount of money.

Investigate! Don’t forget to compare the prices for cost preserving/ounce/ quart, etc. when shopping. Many times the containers may look to be the same size, when in reality one is several ounces larger than the other, making it a better price in the long run.

Newspapers aren’t the only place to find coupons. Don’t overlook the saving opportunities found online, in the kiosk at the grocery stores,  the great deals available through social media sites like Living Social or Groupon, or purchase like the Attractions Books or Entertainment Guides.

Go shopping after eating and minimize distractions whenever possible.  Eating before grocery shopping has long been credited with helping to reduce impulse buys, and that is because it works. In addition, if you can go shopping without the kids, or without being attached to your cellphone, you can minimize distractions and pay closer attention to what is spent.

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