How to Win Supermarket Wars

coupons, grocery shoppingWhen supermarkets compete the real winner is the consumer. You have heard a lot about coupons printed by manufacturers and how much they can save you but it’s forgotten that often times that supermarkets offer their own savings to entice customers. And no, they don’t require a customer card or an account, it’s just good old fashioned, free products or savings, no strings attached coupons.

All supermarkets send out weekly flyers in the Sunday paper and as you flip through highlighted are the meats, veggies, and other products on sale. Take a second look because they also include coupons in those flyers and if you combine those coupons with manufactures coupons, they are giving things away. Publix is one of the best supermarkets to look into.  

For instance, if a supermarket has a buy one get one free sale on Clorox bathroom cleaner, along with a coupon in their weekly circular for $1 off Clorox, you can combine that coupon with the Clorox coupon in the paper and you walk out the door with 2 bottles of cleaner and the store owing you two cents. Of course, they aren’t going to give you money but if you are already buying other groceries you defiantly get the credit. is a great website to monitor because they will let you search by grocery store and cross reference the coupons available and even tell you the total percenatage saved on your products. If there are coupons available, they even let you print them from their site making life oh so easy. It’s a great weapon to have on your side during supermarket wars.

Playing the supermarket stroe game is easy and fun. With just a little bit of practice you will soon be winning everytime you go grocery shoopping.


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