Can I Get It For Free?

by Elane Williams

Can you really get things for free? I have got some things and I hope to find more. There may not be a free lunch but I did get a free breakfast.

How many of us have hoped to get something for nothing and had to pay shipping and handling? And reading the fine print, you find taxes and tips are your responsibility.

If it is supposed to be free then you should pay nothing, zip, zero, nada, right.

Well how many times have you seen something advertised for free, then the small print says with purchase only. Plus the purchase has to be over a certain amount. I know the advertising people have to make their money some how, but honestly sometimes those offers of freebies are a cover up for a major purchase most people looking for freebies can’t afford anyway. Or they are only available in a certain country. satellite maps (Not usually where I live.)

Well sometimes the last one ticks me off. I go through all the trouble of getting to a web site and find out I can’t apply for it anyway because I don’t live in the right country.

Don’t those big companies know that there are people that live north of the American boarder and we like free stuff too? Well, there are some companies that deliver freebies to Canadians and for that I will spend my hard-earned dollars on their products.

This is what I have got in the last year:

    • A Compaq notebook carrying case
    • Feminine Hygiene products
    • Family Size box of Cereal from Post/General Mills
    • Posters from NASA, Mental Health organizations, Music Clubs
    • Cash from winning at Survey sites
    • Certificates from
    • Beauty products
    • Pamphlets and coupons for Bed and Breakfast Inns
    • Gift Certificates for
    • Fishing Magazines
    • T-shirts
    • Twenty cases of tissue from the manufacturer.

    These are the ones that I remember and there have been lots and lots of on-line and off line coupons for different things ranging from soup to vacations in the Islands. If there are any promotional people out there that want a family to try products we usually do that too.

    We have been in surveys for ketchup, laundry soap, hand soap and bath gels, Kraft dinner, and mayo just to name a few.

    I am sure there are lots of freebies for everyone and I am going to keep looking around the web.

    Ms. Williams has coped with life in many different situations, health problems, and shares the pain and the strength and wisdom that she has received from others and her Higher Power. Elane has achieved some success with having her work published on websites, in Newsletters, and poetry anthologies.

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