Making All A’s on Your Money Saving Report Card


As the school year begins the downward slope towards summer vacation, parents are pushing their kids to do their best and continue making the grades for a fantastic final report card. So, in the spirit of that final stretch, here are some extra A’s to help you make the grade for saving money:

Awareness-Know where the best sales are and shop there.

Apply- Don’t forget to stack your coupons with store deals and specials.

Action-Search the newspapers, websites, Facebook and other locations, both on and offline, for coupons.

Allotment-Give yourself time to think while shopping/planning a trip to the store so you can compare prices for the best deals. Remember the adage-haste makes waste.

Amass-Buy in bulk whenever possible and store the extra. This will save you money and time-especially on those days when don’t have the time or want to go shopping.

Anticipate-Don’t use coupons the week they are in the Sunday paper! Clip them and save until stores put those items on sale. (Typically, stores don’t run sales on the items the week the coupon is printed.

Attractions Books and Entertainment Guides offer hundreds of ways to save money on everything from car rentals and dining out to area attractions and sporting events.

Attitude-Having a smile on your face may not save you money, but if you have a smile on your face, even if the store is crowded and you have to stand in line to get a rain check on that item you were excited about, a good attitude goes a long way.

Saving money on everyday products is fun, but it does take a bit of work. Use these tips to make all A’s on your money saving report card.

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