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"Before them there stood a Christmas shopper so rare, She had a big box full of coupons…Perhaps some to share? She ambled along, saving money with delight As she looked through her box, then used the coupons just right." Want to know about this intrepid coupon using Christmas shopper? Then be sure to follow the link below to read the poem in it's entirety on Coupon Claim. Of course, in the meantime, if you are hurrying about trying to finish your Christmas, then be sure to take advantage of these great money saving opportunities:

Coupons for this week: Whether is is saving onthose last minute stocking stuffers, looking for that hard to find toy or picking up a few food or decorative items to grace your Christmas spread, check out K-Mart on Coupon Claim and use some the great K-mart coupon codes found there! More great savings can be found at Sears when you take advantage of $5 off on $50 or $20 off on $200.

Don't forget to pre-load your grocery coupons if you are planning a trip to Krogers or take advantage of the fantastic Christmas shopping savings at other grocery stores. After all, just because you have an elaborate meal planned, doesn't mean that you have to spend an exceptional amount of money! BOLO Alert: Be on the Lookout for our new CC newsletter feature, Shallow Pocket Tips where we will share tips for saving money on household products, easy and inexpensive meals, ways to make household jobs easier and much more. If you would like to share some of you favorites with us, you can post them to our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you! If you haven't read our recent posts, be sure to take some to visit the weekly Coupon Claim blog post. In addition, be sure to visit Coupon Claim on Twitter.

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