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Saving money is not always accomplished by spending long hours online, printing coupons, tracking down coupon codes or clipping and filing coupons. Sometimes, saving money is done simply by being at the right place at the right time or by making changes in how you approach everyday life. So since, at times, money saving can be a bit random, here is an assortment of coupons and freebies to help you stretch your budget a bit farther. 


This Week's Savings from Coupon Claim:

Choose your savings at The Limited. Use these codes to pick the deals best for you:

  • 281 for 20%
  • 153 for  $30 on $90 or more
  • 149 for $20 on $60
  • 404 for 15% on $50
  • 232 for free shipping on $75

Get $50 off when you spend $200 at Advanced Auto Parts. Use the code: Big50

Save at Payless Shoe Stores by using these codes:

  • To get 20% off entire order use code 30479
  • To get 20% coupon use Code 28294
  • To get 10% off + BOGO use Code 34651 

Save 15% on $60 at PetSmart when you use the code:  AFFNOV 

Save 30% at GAP with the code GAPWOW at checkout. 


Freebies of the Week:

Downy Unstopables Samples – Downy has a 2 million free samples of their new Unstoppables line of in-wash scent boosters. You must be a member of Facebook to qualify for these free samples. This will go beyond the everyday freshness from your detergent to help provide active wear like sports cloths and towels smelling fresh until their next wash.

Miracle Whip or Mayo? Get your free sample of Miracle Whip and decide for yourself.

Get a free sample of Snuggle softener. Just fill out the form found at Life Script.

Love movies? Then you know how much it can cost to go to the theatre. Like AMC on Facebook to get a free ICEE on Fridays.

If you prefer a night at the movies but within the comfort of your home, here are several codes where you can get a 1-night movie rental from Block Buster box for free: 33TTDR8; 23PGAR7; 52KRVF7; 48RMAQ5; 79AGSF6; 48TPLDS5; 26MMKC3; and 99JMMF9.

Shallow Pocket Tips:

Saving money can be done in a variety of ways in addition to using coupons and discounts codes. Saving money is also done by re-thinking the ways you have always done things and trying something different, or perhaps, being more aware of how everyday actions like turning off a light when you leave a room can make a difference.  Here are some simple ways you can save.

  • Check with your local power company or visit their website. Many of them are giving away free boxes of “go green” light bulbs.  All you have to do is ask and a case of 12 bulbs can be headed your way!
  • Add extra insulation to your water heater. If you have a water heater built before 2004, you can wrap it with an insulating jacket  and save about $30 a year on your water heating bill.
  • Use cold water to wash your clothes and you can save 50% of the energy that you would use if you used hot water.
  • Set your water heater to 120 degrees. Any higher and you are spending more than necessary on hot water.
  • Keep your pantry, fridge and freezer well stocked so that you don’t end up buying things on impulse when you’re out shopping. This will also result in your fridge/freezer using less energy as the more these spaces are the less work they have to do to keep things cold.
  • Lower the temperature on your thermostat. For every degree that you lower your home’s temperature during the cooler months, you can subtract about 5% from your bill.
  • Get cash back and save money when buying stuff at the drug store. You can join the CVS Extra Care rewards program for this purpose. Go to for more information.
  • Create your own 100-calorie packs by buying in bulk and dividing your large packs into smaller ones yourself.
  • Check your Human Resources web site for employee discounts. Some companies have perks for their employees beyond the usual retirement plan or group insurance rates. One reader’s company offers employee discount programs for cell phones, groceries and other products where he saves at least %10 off retail.

At Coupon Claim, we want to help you save money wherever and whenever possible. That is why we search the Web to find the latest and best deals for saving money. Of course, if you have any money saving tips, ideas, jokes, recipes or even questions, we would love to for you to share them with us here or at Coupon Claim on Facebook   or Twitter. In addition, if you haven't read our recent posts, be sure to take some to visit the weekly Coupon Claim blog post.

Wishing you all the best,

–Mo and Z   


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