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Goblins and ghouls and ghost-oh my! Yes, it’s that time of year again where spooks begin to converge on your doorstep shouting Trick or Treat!  However, this fun activity, as well as events like fall festivals, can get pricey to host or participate in. So, rather than thinking the Grim Reaper has hit your budget, Coupon Claim has found some ways to help you save money…and that’s a treat everyone will approve of.

This Week’s Savings from Coupon Claim:

Save money on costumes at Costume when you use the codes on Coupon Claim. Some of these include: 15OFF75CK to get 15% off $75; CK!) for 10% off all orders; or free shipping on all orders over $50. 

Save $15 off $75 at Hancock Fabrics. 

Capture all those fall memories with a custom canvas from Canvas Use the code: NAFJFLNYBD

JC Toys- Buy one get one free sale on their La Baby dolls. 4 different ones to choose from! Use the code: LaBaby

Buy Buy One Get One 25% off plus free shipping. Use the code BOGO25 You will also get free shipping on orders over $75.


Free hot chocolate…there’s something about fall that means hot chocolate, so print out this coupon to get some for a free one.

Need some extra energy? Check out these free samples from Presk8.

Like Krystals Restaurant on Facebook and get a free strawberry shortcake. 

Free samples of Kids Emergen-C drinks when you sign up for their newsletter. 

Shallow Pocket Tips:

This is a great time of year for parties-whether you have a costume party the evening of Halloween or want something light and friendly for some fall fun. Of course, these parties can be expensive if you are the one doing the hosting. Here are some ideas for saving money while still enjoying the festivities of fall.

  •  Check out consignment shops, you will likely find quite a few costumes that are sure to delight both your youngster and your wallet. If you are attending an adult party, consider renting your costume or perhaps borrowing one from a friend/co-worker.
  • Fall parties don’t have to mean over the top activities. Go “old school” and have bobbing for apples, corn hole or perhaps lawn games like cricket or bowling.
  •  Decorate simply using item you have. Balls, balloons, sheets and crepe paper can be turned into great decorations, without breaking the budget. You can also use pillowcases and old clothes stuffed with newspaper and perhaps a yardstick or two for stability to create scarecrows, witches and other characters. Get the kids involved drawing and cutting out cats, cauldrons and other creatures from poster board and construction paper. 
  • Keep party food basic (chips, popcorn balls, s’mores) and don’t be afraid to ask attendees to pitch-in with the menu.
  • Have the party in the middle of the afternoon-especially if it is a kids party- and you can let them make crafts using items from the dollar store. Perhaps have a mask-making contest to see who can design the best one using paper plates, ribbons beads, paints, etc.

Recipe for the Month:

Looking for an easy and inexpensive meal sure to delight both you family and your budget? Then look no farther. Here is a great money saving recipe sure to please the palette and wallet.

1 jar spaghetti sauce (average family size)

2 cups of your favorite veggies (fresh or frozen)

1 box bowtie pasta (could use wheat pasta to be healthier)

1 pond of ground beef (or ground turkey)

1 Tbs. Worcestershire sauce

1 cup of shredded cheese (mozzarella is best, but feel free to use your fave)

Salt-pepper to taste

In a Dutch oven cook pasta according to package; however, you can save time by adding the veggies to the water when you add the pasta and drain; cook ground meat and drain. Once meat, pasta and veggies have been cooked, return to Dutch oven and add in sauce and Worcestershire. Mix well and pour into a 13×9 nonstick baking pan (if using and uncoated pan, lightly coat with cooking spray). Sprinkle cheese on top and bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes.


At Coupon Claim, it’s all about saving money. Whether it is by giving you ways to get free stuff, by sharing tips that we have found useful in lowering energy costs, or by providing you with budget friendly recipes, Coupon Claim wants to help you make the most of your household income. That is why we search the Web to find the latest and best deals for saving money. So, if you have any money saving tips, ideas, recipes, jokes or even questions, we would love to for you to share them with us here or at Coupon Claim on Facebook   or Twitter. In addition, if you haven’t read our recent posts, be sure to take some to visit the weekly Coupon Claim blog post.

Wishing you all the best,

–Mo and Z   

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