Save Money Splurging

Save Money SplurgingHow do you save money and splurge at the same time?

Check out the new Save Money Splurging blog by frugal writer Jen that covers saving money without living on ramen noodles each day or drastically changing things to make your quality of life diminish. Save Money Splurging is more about the personalized view of daily ways to cut corners and save a few bucks from chili cheese dogs to home computers.

"Sometimes you just need to splurge.  Yeah, this blog is about saving money, but it applies to life ," Jen says.

We think she's right. Some of us frugal types can get carried away and forget that we have to take a break and splurge a bit. But, who says that when you splurge you have to waste money?

Some of the money saving blog topics Jen features are:

  • Around The House
  • Bills
  • Recipes
  • When to Splurge

You're invited to submit ideas to Save Money Splurging, not that Jen lacks any. We love the design and the creativity and most of all, the zeal for saving money.

Update: It appears that is offline.

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