10 Stocking Stuffers Under $10

The world is alive with the scents and sounds of the winter holidays. Between office parties and dinner-planning, you’re already hustling this time of year. On top of the rush, the stress to ensure everyone on your list has the perfect present beneath the tree on Christmas morning is overwhelming! To help you stuff those stockings without busting your budget, we’ve compiled a list of 10 great stocking stuffers you can buy for under $10. From kids to grandparents, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

1) Battery-powered phone charger
For many of us, phones are practically an appendage, essential to various day-to-day tasks and activities. From alarm clocks, to social media and task organizers, to music apps, our phones get quite a bit of use throughout the day. A battery-powered phone charger is a practical, convenient and inexpensive gift fit for anyone on your list. For something a bit more personal, choose a novelty charger like this Star Wars charger from Think Geek.

2) Fancy candy
Who can resist candy? Even the most discerning tastes are sure to have a favorite sweet. For something extra special, stop by your local candy factory or gourmet candy shop and assemble a cache of hand-picked goodies. Other great options include items like this Jack Daniel’s chocolate bar from World Market or a treat that’s as beautiful as it is delicious, like this chocolate flower imported from Italy. These honey sticks by Stash Tea are also an excellent choice, and pretty healthy, too!

3) Coloring book
This is an obvious choice for little ones, but there are also plenty of grownup-sized options to choose from, like this Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns book from TopShop. You don’t need to be an artist to reap the benefits of a little art therapy, and coloring can be a great way de-stress after the bustle of the holidays.

4) Lip balm
Whether your recipient is more of a blueberry pancake-scented Lip Smackers gal or a no-fluff Chapstick brand guy, there’s a lip balm for every taste. Some good options include this Burt’s Bees gift set or this Cupcake Lover’s collection from Lip Smackers.

5) Bath and body scrub
Give the gift of healthy skin with an exfoliating scented body scrub. Some good options to choose from include the Tree Hut Italian Mocha Firming Sugar Scrub from Jet.com, or this Coconut and Hibiscus Hand and Body Scrub by Shea Moisture. There’s nothing like a warm bath to wash away the tension of a stressful day, and a dash of aromatherapy from one of these scrubs will make it even better.

6) Earbuds or headphones
Does your gift-ee take the subway, bus or train to work or school? If so, they probably rely upon a decent set of headphones to stave off the advances of talkative strangers, or to try and carve out a bit of relaxation time in the middle of a busy day. As well, like sunglasses, they’re one of the easiest everyday items to forget or lose, so having a backup is always a bonus. Some high-rated choices include Wicked Audio WI2002 Helix Earbuds and the Panasonic RPHJE120K In-Ear Headphone.

7) Nail polish and décor
Have an amateur cosmetologist or budding esthetician in the family? Gift them some nice nail polish in their favorite color, or in a tone that complements their style. Many nice nail polishes retail for about $5-10, so you can choose one in a slightly more expensive variety, or a couple less expensive bottles while staying within your budget. If they’ve already got a myriad of colors at home, give a DIY embellishment kit like this one.

8) Socks
A pair or two of socks may not be the most awe-worthy gift, but it is one of the most practical. This is an excellent option for anyone in your family, regardless of age or style preferences. There are plenty affordable selections, like these Gold Toe Dress Crew Socks or these novelty “Coffee Monster” socks.

9) Books
Is your friend or loved one a book worm? Give them one of the most personal gifts of all—a good book. The options are endless; anything from coffee table books to paperback novels, language books to cookbooks are great possibilities, depending on the interests and personality of the recipient. If you’re not too confident about what they’ve got on their reading list, try a subscription service like Scribd. The service only costs about $9, and will afford them unlimited access to over 300,000 e-book titles.

10) Phone case
An attractive phone case is one of the most underrated accessories. Whether your gift recipient is more into florals or comics, there are plenty of choices online and in stores, ranging from about $3 and up. Some options include this rose-patterned case by Urberry or this adorable owl family case by Fullkang.

Stocking stuffers can be some of the most enjoyable gifts to buy. You don’t have to spend much, and compared to the wrapped gifts under the tree, there’s quite a bit less pressure. Have a favorite stocking stuffer of your own? Share it with us in the comments!

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