Subscription Services You Could Gift this Season

Whether you’re searching for a perfect holiday gift or a special birthday surprise, the gift of a subscription service is a great way to go. From shaving accessories to beauty products, candy to wine, there’s a subscription service for everyone on your list. The best part is, rather than receiving a one-time gift, they’ll be receiving a box every month (and a reminder of what an awesome family member/friend/partner you are). These are literally gifts that keep on giving. Check out these five subscription service options for some creative gift-giving inspiration.


Netflix has become so prolific as to have nearly taken the place of cable TV in many households. Viewers can select from hundreds of TV shows and movies suitable for any taste and age level, from horror movies to children’s shows. With this service, the subscriber can stream content from their computer or Xbox, or even their tablet, phone, or other device. Prices start at about $9 a month for one account, which allows you to watch on one device at a time. For an additional fee, you can allow multiple users to access it simultaneously (so you and your kids can be watching different shows in different rooms). You can also add a DVD option, through which you can rent DVDs and have them delivered right to your door.


Birchbox and Birchbox Man

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to cosmetics and toiletries. While you’d like to try something new, there’s always a bit of apprehension in purchasing a brand new product at full price, only to find it doesn’t work well for you at all. Birchbox offers a monthly delivery of beauty and grooming products, including five samples tailored to your individual hair, skin, and style. Aside from getting some awesome mini-sized products to try out for fun, you’re also likely to come across some new favorites to switch out for old ones in stepping up your routine. They’ve also recently added Birchbox Man, which, as the name suggests, is tailored especially for men, with two box options to choose from: “Customer Favorites” and “Modern Classics.” A standard subscription to BirchBox costs about $10 a month.


Apple Music

It’s fair to say anyone who claims they never listen to music is lying, and those who say they hate music altogether may best be avoided. A subscription to Apple Music is perfect for anyone on your list, though in particular those who own Apple devices and/or that friend you have that is perpetually looking forward to the next iPhone release. Beats 1 Radio features some of the day’s top artists and DJs, and the service allows you to explore brand new, emerging artists as well. One of the best parts is, you can try it free for three months before committing to buying for yourself or a friend.


Spotify Premium

Spotify has become one of the favored music streaming platforms, available on any device. You can create or select from playlists based on your mood or current activities, and it too allows you to seek out budding musicians you may not have otherwise heard of. Spotify Premium is definitely worth the extra few dollars a month, as it not only expands on these assets, but does so with zero ads in the mix, so you can enjoy hours of listening without having to hear an advertisement every half hour reminding you why you should buy Spotify Premium.



TryTreats takes your taste buds on a sweet globetrotting adventure with a monthly delivery of snacks and treats from all around the world. This gift gives subscribers the chance to sample other cultures from the comfort of their couch, with items like Burger Rings and Tim Tams from Australia, Choco Pies from Korea, and Munchmallows from Serbia. Every month, you (or your gift recipient) will receive an assortment of candies and sweets from a different country. Boxes start at $14 a month.


Book of the Month

Books are a perfect, personal gift suitable for anyone, whether a co-worker, spouse, or BFF. But one of the things that makes books so perfect—the fact that buying a good one signifies you know the recipient, and their reading habits, well—is the very thing that makes them so difficult to choose. Unless you live with your bookish friend or partner, or talk books with them regularly, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll be familiar with what they have or haven’t read, especially if they’re an avid reader. The Book of the Month subscription allows the subscriber/recipient to choose between five books each month. It’s mutually beneficial for both parties, as you get to give a thoughtful gift, and they get to choose something they’ll actually read and enjoy. Subscriptions cost $10 a month.


Bright Cellars

Gift-giving may not be an exact science, but Bright Cellars’ methodology is. Bright Cellars is a wine-of-the-month subscription that finds the ideal wine for each subscriber based on an algorithm. Developed by MIT graduates with a penchant for wine, the algorithm compares 18 attributes to your personal preferences. The preliminary quiz is quick and painless—even fun! So confident are the founders in the algorithm’s ability to correctly determine the best wine for you, that they guarantee satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the wine you receive during any particular month, they’ll send a free replacement bottle the following month. And, after tasting each month’s selection, you’re encouraged to rate it on the site to further improve your future matches. This service is excellent for wine aficionados as well as those who enjoy wine but are relatively unfamiliar with its particulars.  


There are tons more subscription service options out there, offering everything from socks of the month to whiskey of the month, and nearly anything in between. Have a favorite subscription service of your own? Share it with us in the comments!

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